10 Facts That Nobody Told You About 10 Ways To Motivate Stressed Students To Read

Lots of students have difficulties in reading books. They find it too stressful. Most of the times, these difficulties make them feel depressed in class. Impact of the stress is huge on academic as well as physical well being. In such a situation, students need depression counselling from their teachers and parents as well. Being a teacher or a parent, you should know the right ways to motivate stressed students to read.

Cause of stress in students:

There are a various common reason for student stress which includes as follows

  • Excessive pressure of school
  • The pressure of Homework for home tuition
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Social activities
  • Too much expectation from parents

There are several techniques for helping these students reading skills. After all, students must enjoy their lessons and love their books. Otherwise, their entire learning procedure will go in vain.

Impact of Stress on Student’s health:

This stress has the same physical impact on students as it does on adults. The sign of stress on students are as follows-

  • Appetite shifts
  • Problems with sleep
  • Stomach problems and stomach disorders
  • Removal from events and friends
  • Inspiration loss
  • Cut in ranking

Reading can be a perfect stress reliever for students because they are capable readers and motivated to do so.

10 Ways To Motivate Stressed Students To Read:

If you know that one of your students has chronic stress, use these 10 ways to motivate stressed students to read and reduce their symptoms.

  1. Start Reading In Front Of Them :

Kids love to copy the adults. Be it at home or school; if you want a student to read books, you must become an example for him or her. You should read aloud in front of them and tell them how you are feeling about this book. This will surely motivate them to give that book (or in that case any other book as per their wish) a try.

  2. Teach Them Some Reading Strategies: 

Some reading strategies can make reading fun-filled and entertaining. Teach the students about those strategies and let them know how they can make their reading sessions more enjoyable. Encourage students to read frequently; even if it is for a short period. The more they read, the more confidence they will gain. You can also share some motivation quotes with them to encourage their habit of reading.

   3. Set-Up Book Clubs :

This is also a brilliant idea to motivate the students for reading. You can create groups of students or set up book clubs and invite the students to join the same. This can help the students to socialize as well as share their thoughts about reading a particular book. Let them be interactive. Soon they will find reading enjoyable.

   4. Allow Them To Read The Entire Book :

Please do not discuss the plot or the genre of the book with them before they finish it. This will kill students interest, and they will leave the book half done. Revealing the plot to them will take out the fun from the story. Instead; you should allow them to complete it and then you can start discussing chapter by chapter.

    5. Let Them Choose A Book :

It is always better to let them choose their book for reading. They would choose what they would love to read. Hence, they will automatically feel engrossed to the topic and read it with patience.

   6. Introduce Students To A Popular Book Series :

Educational research shows that reading a series of books is always useful to build a passion for reading. Once they finish the first book of the series, they would wait for the next one and continue reading until they finish them all.

   7. Encourage Them To Read E-Books :

Today’s children love technology, and you cannot keep them away from the same. Hence, it would help if you tried to use technology to motivate them for reading. Please encourage them to read an e-book, which is a convenient way to read books at any time anywhere.

New generation students prefer e-Learning more over traditional learning. E-books library gives the student a wide variety of reading material.

   8. Let Them Know The Importance Of Book Reading :

Sometimes, you can guide students for a particular thing just by telling them the importance of the same. If you tell them the importance of book reading, they will find it interesting and start reading new books.

   9. Invite A Local Author :

As a part of depression treatment for your students who feel reading stressful, you can invite a local author to your class to discuss his or her books to the students. Let them know the “story behind the book”. This will make them feel motivated to read the same.

   10. Allow Them To Dislike A Book :

It is not necessary that they would like every single book they read. Let them say “this book is not so interesting” if they feel so. This will help you to know their taste, and you can choose the right book for them in future.

Most of the times, these students need a little guidance and a lot of motivation to feel good to read. Teachers communication plays a vital role.

Regardless of your opinion, please encourage your students to read it and accept every book in its way. They would eventually also love to read books and grow a good habit of reading.