Online Kinesiology Degree: Reasons to Get Enrolled Today

Are you maintaining an active lifestyle? Would you like to help others also to be involved? Then online kinesiology degree is perfect for you to do. This undergraduate degree allows students to obtain their kinesiology certification while keeping a job or meeting their family responsibilities.

In this post, I am trying to guide you, “how can you make a successful career path by pursuing online kinesiology degree?” A degree of kinesiology opens up a variety of job options for online students. Moreover, you can learn to adapt, educate others about physical activity, and support patients during rehab.

What is the meaning of Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a combination of physical education, athletic training, physical therapy, orthopedics, and physical medicine. Therefore, it is the study of human movement from the physical sciences. It comes from the Greek word meaning the study of movement.

The study of the human body as a machine for the performance of work has its foundations in three significant areas of study: mechanics, physiology, and anatomy, specifically biomechanics, musculoskeletal anatomy, and neuromuscular physiology. Moreover, the collated knowledge of these three fields forms the foundation for the study of human movement. We discover a lot about the human body and its underlying principles.

There are four types of Degrees: associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Doctoral Degree. Thus, each Degree level covers different topics and involve different levels of responsibility Students choose the degree that aligns with their career aspirations. Mentioned below are the ways to pursue a Diploma Course in online mode.

Importance of Online Courses

Online Degrees have become very important in today’s world. Therefore, they have become trendy among international students. Universities across the US offer online degrees on a wide range of subjects. If you are looking forward to doing an online kinesiology degree program, it comes with its share of opportunities and benefits. In case the student is pursuing a full-time course, teachers take classes at a scheduled time. But if he is pursuing an online degree, he can take recourse to a host of methods.

Therefore, the mode of delivery is often giving notes, assignments, and reading. Teachers provide ample time for students to complete projects. Moreover, video lectures and online course material make online courses an extremely convenient study method for those who intend to study from home. Furthermore, they can pursue this Course alongside their college degree.

Principles of Kinesiology

There is a debate about whether we should call kinesiology a science in its fundamental right. It is based on a study of the scientific tenets combining anatomy, physiology, and physics. Therefore, it is unique in its way.

In this field, it is always advised that it is better to adapt through exercise. Therefore, physical activity is the best cure for a range of disorders and musculoskeletal conditions. These exercises are therapeutic by nature and aim to improve neuromotor control and motor capabilities in people who are considered normal and pathological conditions.

Thus, the clinical, average person or athletics can get several exercises. Naturally, the cardiovascular condition improves by doing aerobics. Muscle strength increases through anaerobic programs. A balance Intervention program can reduce the risks of falling. The flexibility program decreases the chances of getting injured. Thus, students practice everything regarding health and human performance with a desire to achieve immunity.

Online Kinesiology Degree

Stress today is a significant health hazard affecting us. Therefore, it is not a secret that the millennial worker today faces increasing demand on the family and professional front. The result is that it leaves him too stressed. There is no time left to relax our minds and bodies. Kinesiology deals with techniques aimed to reduce stress and relax our muscles. Therefore, the teachers teach students natural therapy techniques, or in other words, physical exercise from which they can also develop health awareness.

Kinesiology is a subject that studies the human body movements and their consequent effect on our wellness and health. Therefore, Biomechanics, anatomy, psychology are combined to achieve the desired outcomes. Thus, the aim is to increase the physical mobility of patients. It finds application in recreation, sports, fitness, and health and is now gradually finding favor with people.

An online kinesiology degree has the following aims:

  • Correcting the alignment and postures of the body
  • Increasing joints mobility
  • Increasing muscle strength
  • Relaxation
  • Increasing muscular endurance
  • Exercise, control, training
  • Coordination and balance
  • Respiratory Re-education
  • Sensory Re-education

Difference between kinesiology and physical education

Talking about the similarity of both the subjects, both require swift body movement coupled with exercise. Unlike physical education, kinesiology is a comprehensive study of body movements and the complicated mechanism behind it. The latter, on the other hand, involves only physical exercises. Therefore, we can call it a subpart of the main subject.


  • Kinesiology and Physical Therapy- Physical Therapists help people maintain their physical and mental health through therapeutic recovery, lymphatic drainage, reflex-therapy, massage, and other techniques.
  • Exercise Science- Exercise Physiologists, become trainers, coaches, and teach people how to lead a more active life participating in sports and games. It keeps them physically fit and mentally alert.
  • Nutrition and Fitness- Health Educators teach how to curb allergies by taking vitamins, supplements, and sports to keep a fit body and mind.

Skills Required

A person who is opting to study this subject must be proficient in its subfields like physiotherapy, physiology, athletics, etc.

Employers also prefer those who have got management skills like problem-solving or decision-making skills. Therefore, software proficiency is another skill that is top-notch in this profession.

Those wishing to take care of a sports team must fulfill the growing demands of the profession. Therefore, managing a team and trying to keep them physiologically and psychologically fit is a demanding job.

Some of the skills required are listed below.

  • Verbal and written skill
  • Professional Skill
  • Time Management Skill
  • Data Interpretation Skill
  • Professional Training
  • Leadership Skill
  • Research and Analytical Skills

Universities in the US offering Online Degree in Kinesiology

♦ California Baptist University


The online kinesiology degree is designed with a specific aim- students will prosper in athletic training, teaching, coaching, allied, and health-related fields. Therefore, the Course serves to act as a foundation for students who are trying to make an entry into the world of human health and fitness.

The online degree in kinesiology aims to increase the students’ in-depth knowledge in a still-developing field. It helps them to achieve their professional goal. The teachers expect students to undertake a long journey to bring about professional, personal, and spiritual transformation. Thus, the students enrolling in this Course will engage others and function as efficient decision-makers.

The Faculty comprises athletic instructors, recreation teachers, public school teachers, and working professionals who bring years of experience in exercise physiology.

The profession is developing at a rate of 10% per year. It employs the latest techniques of imparting distance education and prepares students.


It is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). Therefore, all Companies and schools throughout the United States recognize this degree. National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) also have given their accreditation to this Course. Moreover, students who have graduated in this program will be able to provide examinations from both organizations.

   Flexible Schedules

The online kinesiology degree mainly caters to the needs of the working professionals. Therefore, it is perfect for people seeking to advance their careers or are interested in discovering new avenues.

  • Courses are 100% online
  • Courses start after every eight weeks
  • They run three courses around the year
  • Dedicated personal enrolment Counsellor
  • 24/7 Faculty and Academic Support
  • Career Support including career assessment, resume writing, and interview skill
  • Financial Support including payment of tuition fees, provisions for scholarship
   Career Options
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Fitness Trainers and Instructors
  • Chiropractor
  • Nuclear Medicine Psychologists

♦ The University of Louisiana at Lafayette


A tremendous foundational course that universities offer for anyone who wants to work as a public-school educator or Community Health Worker. We know this Course as the Health Promotion and Wellness Degree Program. Moreover, we can emphasize professional goals, and it is very much suitable for working professionals who want to enroll in a program with flexible schedules. The class size may vary since it is an online course.

  • It is a 100 percent online degree course in kinesiology
  • It is given in the form of video lectures and assignments
  • Tuition fee is flat and the same for everyone
  • The Faculties are dedicated and helpful
  • Prepares you to appear for the National Certification Exam
  • Courses run for eight weeks
  • The Course is interactive by nature
  • 120 credit hours of coursework, 3 hours of clinical experience, and 9 hours of internship
  • Health Care Professional in Profit and not-for-profit organization
  • LifeStyle Advisors
  • Healthcare Professionals aiding program development and program implementation
  • Personal Trainers
  • Lifestyle Coach

However, this program is not available in all United States states, so check your availability first.

The routine of a Kinesiologist

Kinesiologists generally operate from a studio, one-in-one team, or extremely diverse settings. Means like stretches, weights, and exercises help patients recover from their illness and stay fit.

With his leadership skill and coaching abilities, the kinesiologists can help people revitalize their lives and enjoy them to the fullest. As an athletic trainer, this can be an enriching experience. Sometimes therapists conduct assessment measures, and only then do they treat the patients. Moreover, they combine therapeutic exercises with recreational videos or games, or even occupational therapy or psychology to heal mental and physical stress.

After all, in this profession, to be successful, one needs imagination and the desire to help others. It will help you to grow with them.

Highest Paid Jobs after Online Kinesiology Degree

Athletic Trainer- 44,000 USD/ year

Athletic trainers work with physicians to help people of all ages. It helps to identify, prevent and treat injuries in sports and health sciences

Massage Therapist- 43000 USD/year

The soft-tissue muscles of the body receive a special healing touch in the hands of the therapist. Their touch heals, relaxes patients, and reduces stress.

Physical Therapist—70,550 USD/year

Physical therapists help people to move around if they are diagnosed with any problems that prevent them from performing daily activities

Recreational Therapist-44000 USD/year

Recreational therapists generally use music, dancing, swimming to relax people and relieve them from stress.

Occupational Therapist-80,000 USD/ year

Disabled or injured people discover the pleasures of living through daily activities, which they do at occupational therapists’ instructions.

Importance and Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology helps in detecting imbalances in our body, which otherwise cannot be seen.

  • Helps in maintaining emotional and mental balance
  • It helps to relieve us from back and neck pains, which are common in many professions
  • We easily identify food sensitivities of our body
  • Learning disabilities of children can be solved using this method.
  • Reflexology reduces the side effects of cancer treatments, for example, chemotherapy.
  • All the wounds heal faster with the aid of reflexology.
  • The sound therapy helps to cure the different types of high blood pressure, anxiety, sleep disorders, autism, depression, and pains.
  • Homeotherapy is used in the treatment of many recurring diseases like joint diseases and skin diseases.
  • Kinesiology also helps in treating bed-wetting, stuttering, and clumsiness in children.
  • Over-stress and anxiety are the reason for many diseases.It can be cured with the help of Kinesiology.
  • Reflexology helps in improving the nerve function, increasing the blood and oxygen circulation in our body, boosting energy levels, and eliminating toxins from our body.
  • Reflexology helps to heal all the wounds, even those that are severe, faster
  • Prolonged fatigue or tiredness can also be cured using this field of science.
  • This therapy helps to boost the self-confidence of a person.

Final Words

A high school passed or a college student both are eligible for an online kinesiology degree. First of all, there is a range of career options open before you. Moreover, you also feel more aware of your health problems, and you feel more interested in living a stress-free life. Qualified people are always a part of this profession as psychological aspects of your health are equally important. Therefore, this profession is still new, but its popularity is increasing with time.

A person practicing this profession works with people of all ages, from children to aged people. Kinesiology helps to enhance learning in adults and children. Moreover, it also boosts sports performance. If you have a knack for helping others and would like to lead an active life, this profession is the right choice for you. However, it comes with its pros and cons, and if you are not overly ambitious, it’s the honorable profession for you.

Do you want to know more about an online bachelor of science degree? Then don’t forget to write the topic in the comment section. I will write about that topic.