Best Online Part Time Jobs in Kolkata to Look for

Online Part Time Jobs You can Consider in Kolkata

Currently, employers are hiring more part-time employee rather than full-time employees. This part time job and work from home have unlimited benefits. These are beneficial especially for the housewives, students, and disables. This topic will give an idea about the “list of online part time jobs in Kolkata”.

These kinds of jobs are also profitable for employers. For such reasons, online part-time jobs in Kolkata and part-time jobs in Kolkata earn huge popularity.

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Advantages for online part-time jobs in Kolkata

  • People can enjoy the financial benefits through online part-time jobs. They can invest their skills in different areas. That means, they can gather experience in different fields. They can involve themselves in different activities and projects, which could be highly beneficial for their future career growth.
  • Part time jobs for students in Kolkata can be an additional source of income. Before and after the steady income source, people can perform this online job that will help to gather extra experiences and as well as more money.
  • Students can also do such kind of job. Along with their degree program, they can simultaneously gather job experience. That would be an additional preference to get a full-time job.
  • People can maintain their health and spend quality time after such online job options. These jobs involve a low level of stress. The work pressure and job responsibility are limited. The payments are secured and the amount is also good. People can earn a good amount of money on a monthly basis.
  • Due to the severe workload, people can’t afford little time for their family and friends. This also creates mental tension and different kinds of problems in personal life. But performing such kind of work, people can enjoy family time easily.
  • The daily passengers on Kolkata know the cost load of transportation. These online part-time jobs help to cut transportation cost significantly. That also helps them to increase more savings.

The future and benefits of the home job in Kolkata

Now a day, big employers are also following the trend ‘work from home’. This is beneficial for both the employees and employers. The cost for the employers reduced to a significant level. The job satisfaction is more for the employees in comparison to the traditional work culture. This is found that the quality of the performed tasks better while working from home.

Considering the health aspect, home jobs and online part-time jobs are always better than the full-time traditional job. The future of online part-time job opportunities and home jobs in Kolkata are extremely glittering. That is why it is good to involve in the online job world. You can enjoy a better future without hampering your essential personal responsibilities.

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List of online part-time jobs in Kolkata

Many reputed Kolkata based employers are offering online part time jobs in Kolkata. A large number of registered job agencies are also providing a huge volume of home jobs in Kolkata. The job positions could be stated below,

  • Online tutor
  • Online bidder/online business developer
  • Freelancer content writer
  • Online part-time accountant/ interns
  • Part-time copywriter
  • Operative part-time job
  • Online language translator
  • Part-time graphic designer
  • Online editor
  • Online app developer
  • Part-time social media marketer
  • Part-time scriptwriter
  • Online trainer
  • Online advertiser

The online job opportunity is taking its shape. The future is broad enough as the era is focused on digitalization. The people are getting 15k to 20k or even more than that per month. Online part-time jobs in Kolkata and home job in Kolkata are gaining popularity along with the time. This work culture is friendly and convenient for both employers and employees.

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List of Top 10 Websites for Online Part Time Jobs in Kolkata

Bygone are the days when job aspirants used to roam around the offices for a walk-in round of interviews along with copies of their resumes. Today, aspirants move towards online job portals where they can apply for the desired vacancies posted by the recruitment agency. The process gets very easy and hassle-free and paves the way for finding the most suitable job opportunities. Let’s find out the top 10 websites for online part-time jobs in Kolkata.

  1. ClickIndia

ClickIndia started at a time when the concept of online job availability was in a nascent stage. The brand has helped many people to search and to get searched online easily. Today, ClickIndia not only helps you to apply for part time jobs in Kolkata for Freshers as well as for experienced candidates, but one can also list products and services on their marketplace with more than 5 million buyers. The platform is very easy to use, and aspirants usually get a quick response from the recruiting agency. The portal has innumerable part-time jobs for Freshers in Kolkata and PAN India.

  2. Monster India

Monster India is one of the oldest online job search portals where you get innumerable options for part-time jobs in Kolkata. The portal is not only popular in Kolkata but all across the country also. The platform works both on the web and also has robust mobile applications for those who want to apply for a job on the go. Along with the job details, you will also get a rich blog section that offers insights on employment opportunities and how to grab the best available opportunity. This is a popular platform for part-time jobs in Kolkata for 12th pass students from home.

  3. Naukri

Naukri is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most popular job portals in India. The platform was launched in 1997, and today it is accessed by thousands of job seekers looking for part-time as well as decent full-time job opportunities. The portal is updated on a regular basis with a wide range of job postings from recruiters in Kolkata and even from other parts of the country. The best thing is that the portal also offers certain premium paid services like resume writing, visual resume, recruiter connection, priority application, etc.

  4. TimesJobs

The next in the list of most suitable part-time job portals in Kolkata is TimesJobs. The USP of this portal is that is managed by the Times Group and has got more than 25 million registered job seekers. Another key feature of this job portal that separates it from others is that it suggests jobs and companies on the basis of the profile of the candidates. TimesJobs also has a dedicated section for government jobs as well as IT jobs. So, if you are looking for a government part time job in Kolkata, you can easily apply on TimesJobs.

  5. Shine

Shine is another popular part-time and full-time job-seeking platform in Kolkata as well as in India, managed by the famous newspaper brand – HT Media Limited. Shine is considered to be one of the most creative job portals that offer professional tips for job seekers, and this makes it quite popular. This portal includes email, phone, and live chat support, easy to navigate, and comes with a mobile application.

  6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is no doubt one of the most popular and professional networking sites, and it is little different from others job portals. The working process of LinkedIn is a little different from the other conventional job portals. If you are looking for part time job vacancy or full-time opportunity, you have to be on LinkedIn. You get an opportunity to showcase your work and also share your opinion. Most of the recruiters and decision-makers are available on LinkedIn, and thus, it gets easier for you to reach them directly. You need to spend more and more time to develop your network in order to get more opportunities.

  7. Freshersworld

As the name suggests, Freshersworld is a reliable name for the part time jobs in Kolkata that work from home for fresher candidates. This is an ideal job searching portal for all those who are looking for an outstanding job opening with no or very little experience. Here, the job seekers can easily get entry-level jobs, and it also offers upskilling courses for the newbies. So, if you have recently completed your graduation and looking for the best job openings, Freshersworld could be your ultimate option.  Also, if you need suggestions for part time jobs in Kolkata for the 12th pass, you can refer to it.

  8. Glassdoor

Initially, Glassdoor might seem to be a portal where reviews and ratings are awarded to the organized by the present as well as ex-employees. But this is indeed an excellent portal as the job seekers get unbiased and firsthand experience of the employees who have worked there already or are working. From the reviews itself, one can understand the kind of work culture the company follows and whether to apply for the available positions or not over there.

The portal also tells you more about the management’s responsiveness towards the grievances of the employees, rating of the employee about the management, and more. In a nutshell, you will have all desired details that are not easily available in the public domain about a respective company. This will help job seekers looking for part time jobs in Kolkata for female and male both.

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  9. Indeed

Indeed is a US-based online job portal with a large number of part-time ad full-time job openings. Presently, the platform is operating all across the world and has been very popular in Kolkata among the job seekers. Along with different types of job options, you will also have reviews of different companies in the industry along with their rating. This way, the job seekers can easily understand the nature of the company they are applying to or want to join. The search filters in the portal are very useful and, of course, very easy to use. It gets easy for anyone to use, and one can also narrow down the job searches.

  10. OLX Jobs

Though it is popular as an online marketplace, but OLX jobs have made a great reputation among job seekers. The platform offers numerous part-time job opportunities and lets both the job seekers and the recruiter meet. The best thing about this platform is that you can narrow down the job search to an extent you cannot imagine. You can even search for part time jobs using the pin code. So far, the platform has helped many job seekers to get their desired job and are still working many others. So, if you are looking for different types of job options in Kolkata, OLX Jobs is a must-check option.


The concept of getting part time jobs and simply hired in Kolkata or any other part of the country is quite fascinating. Part time job opportunities ensure that you easily do your private work, it could be studied, preparing for higher studies, technical courses, or any, and at the same time doing a job to earn a livelihood.

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The options today are innumerable, and you can make the most of it only by applying it through genuine websites. All the job portals or job websites for part time jobs discussed in the post are genuine and are working for a long. You can choose any given option for part time job vacancy to solve your financial strains. While exploring the options for part time jobs in 202021, you can also try for part time business in Kolkata.

FAQs related to online part-time jobs in Kolkata

How to get an online part time job in Kolkata?

Getting an online part time job in Kolkata has now become very easy, and the credit goes to the technology boost and development of the internet. You can search over Google, especially through different job portals, post your resume over job search sites and wait for the options to appear. Just make sure that you do not apply for a job that will hamper your primary job. Also, double cross-check the organization online scams are very common these days.

Which is the best online job in Kolkata?

Well, this is a very difficult question to answer, and there is no fixed answer to this. The best job varies from person to person, and it depends on the competence of the individual. For example, if you are into IT fields, you would never say jobs from media as best and same for the other industries as well. But if we say overall, the IT industry has some great potential in Kolkata along with many other industries as well.

How to do google online work from home?

Of course, work from home jobs are on the rise with the outset of the pandemic, but one needs to keep in mind that there are many online frauds/scams happening online. People are asking for money as a security deposit for the job, and after the payment, they don’t even exist. So, if you are looking for online work opportunities part time jobs for Freshers in Kolkata, you have to be very careful.

Can you get google online jobs without investment?

It is possible to get online jobs through Google without investment, but the options are very limited. Nowadays, when most of the works are done online, online scam activities are on the high side. You can be fooled by making the payment for the job, and in return, you will have no income. They will tell you to make the payment as a registration charge. Be cautious and on feel in such traps.

How to begin work from home data entry job with no experience?

To start off a data entry job from home with no experience, you need to get in touch with reputed organizations for the job. You can refer to online job portals, but make sure to choose those with a valid both online and physical presence. Check the physical office and, if possible, pay a visit in your city before you begin with. But if you are in another city, it is suggested not to work for such options.