Top 10 Online Part time Jobs for College Students

As the day goes by, the cost of education is starting to increase. But with scholarships, grants, and loans, you may need funds for other expenses related to education. College students may opt for online part-time jobs. Students can make a few extra bucks on campus or by applications that offer simple ways to. There are plenty of choices to choose from, whether you want a steady schedule, flexibility, or a place to study.

Work during college can be challenging, but you can make a difference by finding the right part-time job.

Some factors to look in while choosing an online part-time jobs

While choosing an online part-time job in between your college schedule and other activities, take a measure of certain things.


Make sure you test jobs with desired availability during the time you are allowed to work. Many online jobs for college students may include night shifts, early morning shifts, weekends, or vacations. Before committing any assignment, think about your work schedule.


Are you excited about jobs or earning money? Many workers can have both, but there is a wide variety of pay in online part-time jobs. The focus of your job will be to reach the desired income level.

Set up required:

If you have the desire to do online part-time jobs, then a small set up is required in your home. A good internet connection, desktop, or laptop, a smartphone will do for you. If you have none of these, still you can do this from a cyber cafe.


You might find yourself sacrificing pay if you are trying to gain experience in an industry of your interest. If you start working as an intern at the beginning with low pay in your desired industry, that will benefit your career in future.

Related experience:

It is necessary to remember that you have the appropriate experience to work at specific part-time jobs. Find work for which you are eligible, and save some application time for yourself.

Now that you have to weigh the factors when choosing a part-time job, it’s time to move on jobs search! Don’t worry. We give you a hard job. Here’s a list of 10 part-time jobs for college students.

01. Online Tutor

Online tutoring is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. You can use your academic knowledge as your strength to start your online tutoring business. In the beginning, offer tuitions to fellow college mates or school students. As you start to grow in confidence, you can register your name on online tuition portals like, Codeverse, PrepNow Tutoring, and many more.

Do n’t just think about academics only. If you are right about any other extracurricular activity like painting, music, yoga, fitness trainer, etc. you can give online tuition on that field too.

Another good option is that create an online lesson plan course on your own. Sell these materials through online platforms like Udemy, Skillshare.

Earning: ($15 – 20) per hour.

02. Virtual assistance

Get rewarded for your management and external skills. You developed these skills during schooling to stay on top of classes.

Virtual assistance gigs are different in terms of pay, hours, and regular jobs. You may help people and companies with data entry, management of social media, maintenance of websites, research, and customer service. The flexible schedules of this job attract more students towards this.

These jobs are being increasingly demanded with more and more professionals plunging into freelance jobs and self-employment.

Search VA jobs on websites like VA networking, Zirtual, People per hour.

Earning: ($10-20) per hour.

03. Freelance Writer

Do you love writing? If yes, this job can be perfect for you. Write about anything you love. You have to write anything in easily understandable language. You can pick your schedule, choose your gigs, and fix your prices. The best part is that you’re paid almost to write anything!

To make money by reading and writing about your interests and passions on campus beats a barista show, right?

You should seek independent proofreading, too. Such gigs are perfect opportunities to hold your foot in the writing world if you have little time or money to devote yourself to writing.

You can find lots of writing projects online on freelancer sites. Search for your dream project.

Earning: $40+ per article depending on quality.

04. Micro Niche Blogger

Select micro-niche wisely that gives readers a bright idea. Start blogging regularly that will build your authority.

You can raise money by building a go-to source of data in your niche through ads, affiliate marketing, and support content.

You can write and promote your blog during your spare time and gain passive income all day when the readers visit your site. By proper planning and time management, you can quickly achieve your desired income.

At first, you have to take hosting and book a domain name. Then with a suitable theme, design your website. Wait six months and work rigorously. After that, you don’t have to look back.

Earning: May vary from person to person.

05. Data Entry Job

A data entry job is one of the most accessible online part-time jobs for students. But the competition is very high. Electronic data processors, typewriters, word processors, transcription, web developers, and employees are included in the data entry job. Although some of such work from a remote location can be performed, data entry jobs from home can differ considerably from those carried out in the workplace.

You know about accessing Microsoft word, excel, or google docs. You can get a job from Upwork, Fivver, or any other online platform.

Earning: $ 5-15 per hour

06. Social Media Manager

The monitoring of a company’s social media accounts can be a perfect way to make money flexibly. This job is also a perfect way to connect with your favorite companies.

A Social Media Director acts as a spokesman and an organization’s voice on several forms of communication. You should promote partnerships and resources and connect with followers.

How do you begin?

You can post your cv on different websites, but it is best to involve local companies. Link to a business you are patronizing already.

Concentrate on social networks that you love and learn to pay more. If you’re a Twitter fiend, speak your experience. Make use of your pinning skills if you spend all your spare time on Pinterest.

Sketch a plan for connecting customers through Snapchat or Instagram. Usually, smaller businesses have not thought about using these platforms and making you part of the team.

Earning: $10- 40 per hour.

07. Search Engine Evaluator

You can handsome money be cleaning up a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. While their algorithms are continuously modified, search engines are still filled with errors. They depend on real people to review findings and provide input on consistency, accuracy, and utility. It is where you come in. 

Find search engine jobs from Lionbridge, Leapforce.

Earning: $15-40 per hour.

08. Graphic Designer

Are you pursuing a graphic designer course in college? Then you can earn money from graphic designing. Now in the digital era, the demand for graphic design is high. So, the student can quickly get small projects online and earn money.

Earning: $10-15 per design.

09. Virtual Recruiter

Put your expertise and experience in your field to use by matching workers or freelancers with the right work.

As a virtual recruiter, you’ll serve as a liaison between an organization and potential new hires. You’ll do things like open post jobs, review resumes, hold informal interviews, and negotiate salaries.

You can get a virtual recruiter job from a website like Upwork, Career Builder.

Earning: $20-30 per hour.

10. Resume Writer

If someone wants to change his job or for a fresher, the resume is essential. A recruiter will first go through a resume and then called for an interview. But everybody cannot make an eye-catching resume. So, you can offer help to those people.

How to Get Started?

Find online resume writing jobs through these sites ResumeEdge, WriterBay.

But you’ll face a lot of competition and submit several pending applications.

Instead, consider tapping into your current network for future clients, including friends searching for summer jobs and internships.

Earning: $15-25 per hour.

 Being a college student, if you have the desire and passion for an online job, you can earn extra money quickly. Above listed, all jobs are work from home jobs with high paying. So don’t waste your time, have a go. Best of Luck!