Top 10 Sites Provide Online Tutoring Jobs for College Students

Online tutoring offers excellent opportunities for college-level or university students to make some extra money. Tutoring online is the best online jobs for college students. And what makes them more worth it are these benefits –

  • Online teaching jobs give the freedom to work from home at per your suitability
  • Without hampering their classes in college, you can set your own schedule anytime in 24 hours
  • Helping countless group of students in need on their respective course subjects
  • And, polishing up your subject knowledge and tutoring experience which could prove crucial in the future

More good news is, there are several online tutoring jobs for college students to pick depending on which subject they want to offer their tutoring services. And, if you’re looking for such convenient teaching jobs, then here are 10 tutoring sites which offer both full time and part-time teaching roles for ages 4-12.

So, continue reading!

How can you start your online tutoring service?

You can start your online tutoring as High School Tutoring or Elementary Tutoring service by following this easy steps-

  • Create a catchy portfolio with experienced profile
  • Be active on social platform for interaction with potential customers
  • Join the online tuition provide platforms & websites
  • Use the latest software and tools

Online Teaching Jobs

10 Sites Offering Teaching Jobs for College/University Students

          1. CAMBLY.COM

The first in this list of top 10 sites offering online tutoring jobs for college students is CAMBLY. However, it mainly focuses on the English language for k-12 +college levels.

So, if you like teaching English, then this program allows you provisions to earn $10.20/hour. Plus, you get complete freedom to choose your teaching time and teach students worldwide.

It doesn’t require any teaching experience, just individuals having sound knowledge in the English language. As an English degree level college students, this is a great opportunity. This is a great way to earn money by online tutoring jobs from home.

So, this certainly makes it worth checking out.

          2. TUTOR.COM

When you apply at TUTOR.COM, you get the convenience of teaching students of all ages. The site is known to provide courses and homework assistance for k-12 grade students. And they cover subjects like –

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • Foreign languages
  • Social Studies
  • Business

And so on.

However, to be successful in your application process, you will need to be a citizen of the US or Canada and a college sophomore or higher degree holder. Plus, you need to be available for at least 5 hours every week, take a subject test, and meet its mock tutoring session. 

Your tutoring helps will involve hourly rates and will be determined after your successful application. 


          3. CHEGG TUTORS 

Aptly covering all middle school, high school, and college subjects, CHEGG TUTORS is also among the best sites for securing quality online tutoring jobs for college students.

To become a tutor here, candidates will require a school verification ID card, diploma, and a legitimate transcript. In addition to this, candidates must currently be a part of a 4-year University program.

The site welcomes tutors from all across the sphere to become a part of their course help team. And those who already are make $20/hour with weekly payments via PayPal.

So, if this prospect intrigues you, unhesitantly visit its official website or forward your queries to its tutor’s helpdesk.

          4. QKIDS 

QKIDS is a happy hunting ground for English tutors having confidence and sound knowledge in the English language. And those who are successful in enrolling, their main job is to teach the English language to 4-12-year-old Chinese kids.

The maximum bath for each class will be 1-4, and they have to prepare lessons for each of 30 minutes. Teachers who work here make around $20/hour. Plus, they get appreciative bonuses every-now-and-then.

All these attractive prospects make QKIDS a top site for procuring online tutoring jobs for college students.

          5. MAGIC EARS

The English language is always an important subject. And despite being a rather fun subject for students to learn, often they do need tutoring assistance.

This is where MAGIC EARS comes into the picture. They always greet proficient and highly-qualified native English tutors both from the States and even Canada with 1-year teaching experience.

Their primary focus is delivering course help for 5-12-year-old kids in China. And tutors who work here make easily make $ 20 – $26/hour. That said, if you seek more information, visit its website!

          6. TUTORME 

This site is another prominent site offering online tutoring jobs for college students. It provides course assistance for k-12 students. And it covers the following subjects.

  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Foreign language
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social sciences
  • Important test preps

And so on.

As a tutor, you can make $18 –$20 per hour. To apply here; you will require one year of teaching experience, a graduation certificate from a notable college/university, and sound knowledge on the subject you want to teach. If you want to start your online tutoring jobs as a beginner, this is not the best platform.

So, if you like the prospects, feel free to visit its official website and learn all its necessary criteria.

         7. ELEVATE K-12

Next on our list of top 10 sites offering quality online tutoring jobs for college students is ELEVATE K-12. As the name suggests, it provides course assistance for k-12 students. And the subjects they primarily focus on are –

  • Robotics
  • Foreign language
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • ELA
  • Social Studies
  • Even coding (which will include soon)

And so on.

In contrast to the usual online tutoring jobs, teachers here have to educate the same batch of pupils every week. All respective teachers will receive a pre-study schedule each week, along with free training. Plus, they will have to be available from 8 am – 5 pm every week.

To be eligible, individuals will require a Bachelor’s degree and one year of teaching experience. Also, she/he should be a citizen of the US.

However, if you need more details, feel free to visit its official site whenever convenient.

          8. VARSITY TUTORS

The site offers course assistance to elementary, middle school, high school, college, and further. And the subjects they include as –

  • Mathematics
  • English grammar
  • Science
  • Writing
  • SAT prep
  • Other exam preparations

And so on…

Individuals wanting to apply will need no college degree or certificate. However, what they do require is a copy of their high school transcript. As per their recruitment process, they will need to fill up an online form, take up a video interview along with a follow-up call. And sit for some tests on the subject they intend to teach students.

Those already working here make around $20 –$30 per hour, which is not too shabby. That said, if you need more details, then it’s best to visit its official website whenever you see fit.

          9. STUDYPOOL

Of the existing sites offering quality online tutoring jobs for college students, this is another site to consider joining. It covers all subjects from k-12 grade levels. Plus, teachers entering this site can instantly connect with their students and offer then one-on-one course lessons and study materials.

Besides, whenever a student poses a question, you can bid on that question and provide them with your price and delivery date. Another mode of making money here is by uploading notes and selling them to students in need, ready to pay your fee.

However, to apply as a teacher here, one needs to possess a bachelor’s degree or an existing college/university student.

Still, if you need more information, feel free to visit its official website whenever you see fit.

         10. COURSE HERO

This is meant for high school students to University apprentices. And the subjects it covers are –

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • finance
  • statistics
  • Probability
  • Economics
  • Computer science
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • US history
  • Calculus
  • Management

And so on.

Plus, the unique thing about this tutoring site is that an average tutor can earn $12 – $20 (or more) each hour. Tutors working here make $500+ each week. 

Besides, there is no such certification requirement. And there are no particular minimum work requirements!

So, this makes it a great option to earn some extra cash regularly.


So, there you have it –10 sites offering online tutoring jobs for college students. Each of them offers plenty of scopes to make extra money and help students in the process. And with its flexibility, it will also allow current college-goers to keep up with their study schedule without problems.

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