Are you searching for quality online peer tutoring jobs to make some extra money in 2021? Well, if so, then you should know then there’s lots of good news for you. Online tutoring jobs for teens are high in demand.

Regardless of whether you have a college degree or not, a lot of tutoring companies offer online tutoring jobs for high school students! 

The positions could be either as a part-time tutor or full-time tutoring– depending on their specific requirements.

Digging Deeper Into the Growing Demand for Online Tutor Services

Ever since the novel COVID-19 virus jolted the whole world in literally every professional aspect, some resurgence regarding children’s education came about via online tutoring sessions. With most of the schools staying shut during the pandemic lockdown, online tutoring jobs, to an extent, became the educational backbone of society under peril. Face-to-face tutoring has been accessible for many years. 

But this profession grew in demand considerably. In fact, for many parents and students wanting not to jeopardise their education, it became the only reliable way to continue progressing in their academic learning- despite the doom-gloom and chaos happening all around.

Some Common Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens In 2021 

 Ideally, the tutor working hours are very flexible. But, it does require an apt amount of tutoring experience

Plus, it is cost-effective and saves you the trouble of travelling. And it has no such demographic boundaries. Meaning; you can educate students from any part of the world. All you have to do is join a reliable educational platform offering quality online tutoring jobs for teens.

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Here’s a look at some of those common tutoring jobs for the young-guns of the society

  • Instructional Designers
  • Course Developers
  • School-level online teaching faculty
  • Online English teachers
  • Subject Experts
  • Online Tutors
  • College-level online teaching faculty

You, as a young and aspiring tutor, can set job alerts as per your prior knowledge and subject/course expertise. The payments will obviously vary depending on the hours you put in and the quality of education you impart to your fellow learner. On an average, you can easily make US$ 400-500 (or more) on a monthly basis. So, it will be worth it. That’s for sure!

Where To Find The Best Online Tutoring Jobs For Teens in 2021?


First in our list is VEDANTU. Many of you may know this educational platform, especially for its unique coaching for IIT, CAT, JEE, and NEET!

It is the perfect platform for online tutoring jobs for teens who can teach Physics, French, German, Computer Science; Mathematics, and so on!

On becoming a tutor for this platform, you will have wonderful growth prospects and opportunities to make big bucks. In fact, the common word of mouth being full-time tutors easily make up to $800-1200 on a monthly basis. They only have to work for 4-5 hours every day and help students from class VI-XII of any board.


TUTOR.COM is one great place for high school students to connect with pupils needing help in their subjects. The impressive thing about this notable tutoring platform is that sessions are available 24 hours. This is perfect, as you can easily sort out your shift and impart the best education to your fellow students. 

The only thing which you have to ensure is fulfilling between 5-29 hours per week. On successfully maintaining your schedule, you ensure a good sum of income. 

Moreover, if you can, then you can even help students in their SAT/GRE test prep study materials. The enrolling process is very simple. Fill up the application. Pick the subject you wish to teach. Clear the interview and mock training. If you pass, then you can start your sessions immediately!


TUTORME is another wonderful teaching platform that offers quality online tutoring jobs for teens. You can earn close to $20 per hour. 

However, you will need to have some amount of prior teaching experience and apt expertise in foreign languages, history, humanities, computer science, social science, engineering, mathematics, and even test prep(s). 

The enrolling process is very straightforward. Fill the registration form. Select the subject as per your expertise and comfort. And after approval, start your tutoring sessions! 

  • ELEVATE k-12 –

Moving on in our list of top platforms offering online tutoring jobs for teens is ELEVATE k-12! 

However, the platform operates somewhat indifferently in comparison to the other top names. Rather than teaching a different group of pupils, you will need to educate the same batch of students every week. On joining, you will receive pre-set timings online for the week. Plus, you will also get cost-free training to get you prepared!

Another noticeable difference regarding this teaching platform is that it only accepts tutors who are US residents. Moreover, the subjects will include Social studies, ELA, Mathematics, Science, Robotics, Reading, Coding, and Foreign Language. 

Respective tutors will also need 1-year of prior teaching experience and a bachelor’s degree. Plus, the teaching times will be between 8 am-5 pm tops as per EST!

  • QKIDS –

QKIDS is revered as one of the leading English teaching platforms across the sphere. As one of its tutors, you will need to teach the English language to Chinese Students between 4-12 years. 

The maximum strength of one class will be 4-students. Plus, its duration will be for 30-mins. In addition, the average earning you make in an hour is $20-22. Bonuses and incentives also exist. 

The minimum working hours will be 6-8 hours every week. Above all, the platform accepts tutors from either Canada or the US. 

So, aspiring candidates from either of these countries can most certainly join here and fulfill their teaching dreams.


MATHELF is another educational platform that offers quality online tutoring jobs for teens. In fact, the common word of mouth is that skillful young teachers can make $300 per month, give or take!

Respective tutors will have to deal with students ranging from 8-21 years- mainly in their mathematics. Furthermore, tutors will also need to possess an iPad with iOS 11 running and have at least 1 year of prior teaching experience.

That said, the terms of service state that chosen tutors will need to serve at least 8 hours every week. On doing it successfully, they will get their rightful payments through PayPal.

Sounds like an interesting prospect, doesn’t it?   

  • KAPLAN –

Although, most tutoring posts are for professional tutors! College students of 18 years of more will also find lots of teaching opportunities to avail via its University Partners Program. 

The time commitments may vary and be chosen, and Kaplan requires its chosen tutors to rummage through its training course. However, they do get paid for the time spent. In addition to this, the chosen teachers will assist prospective field students with their assignments and readings. Plus, they will even conduct interactive remote discussions and live classes as per the student’s convenience.

So, for college teens looking for extra bucks, KAPLAN is the perfect platform to be a part of. 

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Last in our list of top platforms to secure online tutoring jobs for teens is MAGIC EARS. Aspiring job seekers will require a bachelor’s degree to perform an English teaching position. This is probable a blessing in disguise for aspiring college students who want to make some extra cash. 

The platform will require you to educate children 4-12 years old in 1-4 tutoring sessions. Of course, if you’re not ESL-certified, you will need to take up a training course which comes with steep discounts. 

On average, aspiring tutors can make $26-$28 each hour. Bonuses also include for peak tutoring sessions. 

It is one teaching platform that the world recognises. And if you wish to get your online teaching profession off to a solid start, this is one place to sign up unhesitantly!

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To Sum Up

So, there you have it – some quality online tutoring jobs for teens in 2021. The only thing you need is to have a sound depth of knowledge in the subject you intend to teach. Plus, you need to be assertive, confident, passionate, and have excellent interaction skills to engage students and make them learn properly. 

Even in the aftermath of the pandemic, many parents still don’t trust making their kids go out to study. They rather stick to the safer option, which is online tutoring. 

If you think you have what it takes to become a proficient online tutor, then apply for a position in any one of the aforementioned platforms.

For more details regarding these platforms, feel free to visit their official websites.