Top 10 Online Zoology Degree in the USA to Make a Bright Future

Some individuals share a level of affection with animals. But then others fixate over them. They even want to procure a quality online zoology degree and make a career in that field of study.

If you, too, want to study zoology and make the most of its wide-ranging career paths, then you’ve come to the right place. This post will point out the top 10 online degree(s) in zoology for you to enroll for.

So, let’s cut to the chase and begin.

How to get a zoology degree Online?

If you are interested in making animals part of your work besides having a career with them, zoology degree hearing it from online is a best option for you. Usually, zoology degree requires a lot of lab and field work, but if you want to complete it online you still have the options. Getting zoology degree online is one of the preferred options nowadays aspirants are opting for.

There are many online institutions that offer similar educational track including in the Wildlife management as well as environmental conversation. But before you make your choice for best zoology master’s programs, it is important to make sure that the study offers an accredited study program. This ensures that you will certainly use the degree to get a job or even apply for higher level education. Hope you are aware of how to get a zoology degree.

What are the zoology major requirements?

We all know that zoology is the study of the animal kingdom that also includes the environment, biology as well as evolution in a controlled or natural environment. Universities with zoology majors offer students with a foundation in the fundamental principles of biology and physical sciences.

This helps them to pursue careers in animal related businesses, conservation or even in public education. The degree is also considered as a good option for all those who are interested in medicine or veterinary school or online schools that offer zoology online degree programs.

All zoology major requirements, undertake two courses in introductory Basic Biological Sciences, taking advanced courses in animal biology from five different Biological Sciences areas., Also, taking courses in chemistry, maths and physics and fulfilling the requirements of University wide general education. In order to graduate, students majoring in zoology must gain at least ‘C’ in BIO and BIO 200 and get an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher in all biology, maths and affiliated sciences combined.
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List of top 10 Online Zoology Degree

Let’s have a look into the top online courses to pursue that lead to the perfect jobs for lovers of animals.

      1. Online Bachelor’s or MSc Degree in Zoology 

First things first! The study of zoology isn’t just about zoos and its animals. Instead, it entails the course of the behavior, physiology, evolution of a wide range of animals, and their interaction with humans.

This should be the first choice for any respective student looking for quality zoology online courses. Respectful career options exist as – Animal nutritionist, biologist, conversation activist, veterinary technician, and so on.

This online zoology degree (both BSc & MSc) is available at the Oregon State University, though you can go to other universities as well.

      2. Online BSc Degree in Biology of Animals (Their Species & Behavior)

Students choosing for BSc online learning in Biology of Animals (Animal science) will learn about the following topics-

– Animal Biology

– Their Biochemistry

– Animal Anatomy

– Their physiology

And so on.

Besides, they will also know about different species, their behavior, and their interaction with humans.

Respectful career options exist as – Dairy management, wildlife conservation, wildlife education, biomedical research and farm management, and so on.

This online zoology degree (both BSc & MSc) is available at the North Carolina State University.

      3. Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology

The study of marine biology entails learning about marine life as well as its relating habitats. Students will gather know-how on how they survive and thrive in different water environments from the smallest microscopic organism to humungous marine creatures.

Besides, students will also need knowledge and experience from outside classroom endeavors. Plus, they will require a scuba certificate, spend one semester at sea/ocean, and internships for marine research institutes, aquariums, and so on.

This online zoology degree (both BSc & MSc) is available at the Unity College.
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       4. Online BSc Degree in Wildlife Biology

Wildlife biology degree entails learning about the principles and processes of vertebrate wildlife in their respective habitats. Plus, they also gather the skills to conserve wildlife and the present ecosystem. This subject’s didactic nature involves students working in the open with a broad spectrum of wild species.

Besides, they also have to gather knowledge about these aspects-

– Large mammals

– Conservation Biology

– Along with waterfowl

And so on.

Furthermore, respectful career options exist as – Game wardens, wildlife educators and field biologists, and so on.

This online zoology degree (BSc & MSc) is available at the Colorado State University and American Public University.

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       5. Online BSc Degree in Cellular Biology

The study of cellular biology involves learning about cells – the elementary unit of life. For that, they will need to procure in-depth knowledge – Chemistry, Physics, Physiology, and Genetic Biochemistry, and so on.

Besides, students showing interest in such a category of life sciences will also need to include courses in Mathematics. And they have to gather hands-on experience working in labs and applying the concepts they learn during classes to the real test.

Furthermore, this online zoology degree (both BSc & MSc) is available at the University of Florida and Bellevue University.

       6. Online BSc Degree in Veterinary Biology

The study of veterinary science entails meeting all health care of zoo animals, pets, and livestock. It is another top online zoology degree for students to go for.

Respectful career options exist as

– manager in Veterinary hospital

– Veterinary research

– Technician in Veterinary hospital

And so on.

However, to be eligible for these job roles, zoology students will have to complete a veterinary science BSc degree. And the assortment of subjects which they have to take includes as-

  •  Zoology
  •  Microbiology
  •  Mammalian Physiology

And so on.

In addition to that, they will also have to gather lots of field working experience in working with animals

This online zoology degree (BSc & MSc) is available at the Oregon State University and Purdue University.
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       7. Online BSc Degree in Ecology

For those having an interest in on environmental an interest, they can opt for a BSc degree in Ecology. This branch of study deals with all agricultural practices and concepts to achieve a positive on the environment. It focuses on aspects like farming, water management, preserving renewable energy, and so on.

However, students will need to take up additional courses like-

– Horticulture

– Crop Science

– Soil Science

– Agriculture Economics

– Agroecology

– Watershed management

And so on.

Plus, they can get respectful job roles like – Plant scientists, forestry workers, conservation scientists, etc.

This online zoology degree (both BSc & MSc) is available at the Colorado State University.

       8. Online BSc Degree in Neurobiology

For students seeking quality zoology significant degrees online, a BSc (and MSc after that) deems as the right choice. This branch of study deals with the human brain, its functioning and its development.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics; students can get respectful job roles as-

  •  Medical researchers
  •  Assistants in medical lab
  •  Medical Sales representatives
  •  Biomedical Engineers

And so on.

Moreover, since course study is research-intensive, respective students will have to take up courses in the following-

– Molecular Biology

– Psychology

– Cognitive Biology

In addition to such in-depth learning, students can also use the available internships to gather real-time experience.

Furthermore, this remarkable online zoology degree (BSc & MSc) is available at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Florida.

       9. Online BSc Degree in Genetics 

Zoology students can opt for a BSc (& MSc) degree in the study of Genetics. Through this, students will learn everything about mutations and inheritable characteristics that pass down via DNA or genetic information.

Furthermore, they will gain in-depth knowledge about reproduction and cellular growth. And using that knowledge, they will conduct their research to cure and inhibit threatening diseases like cancer and so on.

Besides this, its respective students can even do a general major in genetics. For that, they have to pick from these concentrations.

  • Molecular genetics
  • Plant genetics
  • Animal genetics
  • Genome sciences

And so on.

Plus, this online zoology degree (both BSc & MSc) is available at the University of Maryland Global Campus.
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      10. Online Degree in Oceanography 

Oceanography involves using scientific concepts and applications to study and understand the ocean and its marine inhabitants.

Moreover, its respective students will gather know-how on vivid ocean topographies, how oceanic health influences the entire world, and how to mitigate environmental threats to the oceans.

In addition to that, students will get to spend lots of time on water bodies during their internship for observations and gathering real-time field experience. Plus, they have to complete coursework in-

  •  Biology
  •  Chemistry
  •  Mathematics
  •  Geography
  •  Geology
  •  Physics

And etc.

Furthermore, this online zoology degree (both BSc & MSc) is available at the University of Washington. BSc zoology subjects along with a master’s in Zoology are taught here with utmost attention from the top educators. Be it online zoology courses UK or from USA, it is important to choose online zoology diploma or degree courses, it could be zoology level 3 online degrees as well, the institution should be a reliable one.


This concludes our list of top 10 zoology degrees in the USA for its respective students to enroll in. So, here’s hoping this info proves useful and helps them procure a high-paying career in their future. Careers working with animals are highly competitive. There are thousands of applicants for each available position. Most importantly, people getting this job tend to stay in them.

So, getting an online zoology degree from a reputed institution or zoology degree distance learning online is very important. Working as a zoologist is a dream for many who has a love for animals. At the same time, passion is not enough, it is important to have the right knowledge as well as considerable skills to become a successful zoologist.

Having a master’s degree in zoology from the best colleges for zoology or zoology masters programs will help to have a fulfilling career. Hope the discussions above and the programs discussed will help you to take one step closer to fulfil your dream of becoming a zoologist.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Online Zoology Degree

Can you earn a zoology degree online?

Most of the bachelor’s degree in zoology is available in traditional format, but there is ample opportunity to complete zoology degree online. Many best colleges for zoology provide fully online programs for prospective students in the field of biology.

These online zoology degrees give the students understanding of zoology stretching from the organizational level of molecules and cells to zoology at the ecological level. So nothing to worry about, if you have the passion for the study of animals, you can earn zoology degree online too!

Is Online Zoology Degree a good career option?

It is an outstanding career path for those students who are eager to learn about biodiversity and are willing to take on new challenges. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in zoology and job experience can anticipate a competitive salary.

In most scenarios, a bachelor’s degree in zoology or wildlife biology is required to acquire an entry-level employment in this field. A master’s degree in zoology, on the other hand, is typically necessary for progress, whereas a Ph.D. Is required to do independent research or teach at the college level.

In the field, zoologists undertake a wide range of duties, but the majority of their time is spent developing and conducting studies with animals in either controlled or wilderness settings. It is crucial to note that the career scope of zoology is very limited, with fierce competition for available positions.

What jobs can you get with an Online Zoology Degree?

There are end numbers of positions if you pursue an online zoology degree, including those in animal medicine, human as well as animal breeding. There are also many teaching positions available related to zoology, or biology in general along with a decent number of jobs in museum related to curation of the collections. One can also apply for government positions in biological control and agriculture.

Is a zoology degree hard?

Each and every degree has got some complications, but doing it with utmost dedication using all the existing resources makes it easy. Same with the zoology course online degree as initially one may find it difficult but with time and with all the lessons from the educators, the course will get easier time. Zoology classes online also help in getting the right way education.

How much can earn zoology major?

Usually, the average salary of a zoologist is something around $60,000 and in most of the cases, the work is a full-time basis. Zoologists working with the federal government tend to receive the highest median salary from others. The pay structure also depends on the area of specialization chosen by the aspirant and chosen colleges with zoology majors.