Top 9 Lucrative Paid Summer Internship for College Students – Grab Them Today

Summer is the right time for college students to add some paid internship experience to their resume. Paid summer internships for college students will add more value to their resume and increase the chances of getting a prospective job later.

It will not only give them the opportunity to make some extra bucks for college student while studying in college but also helps them to gain hands-on experience in the field of study. Without any distraction of classes, you can easily complete your terms of service. Therefore, it can rightly be said that summer internships are great for learning both soft and hard skills.

Are you wondering how to get a summer internship job alert? If yes, then read this blog. Here, you will come to know about the most demanding paid summer internship for college students.


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When is the right time to look for a summer internship program?

If you would like to gain experience and avail potential networking opportunities that will benefit you in the future, then opting for a summer internship is the best option. Look out for the companies that provide college internship opportunities to the students. It will definitely give you a lot of benefits in the future.

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Check out the list of paid summer internship for college students

          Apprenticeship Cooperative Education

This starts early during high school days. Both seniors and juniors can take up one or two years paid summer internship. Mainly the schools supervise these internships. This kind of program is a combination of classroom learning as well as the skills that one can apply specifically  in the workplace. It is an excellent opportunity for college students who would like to achieve a prospective career after completing their college education.

          Cooperative Education

This cooperative education internship proves very helpful in the real world when students actually start looking for jobs after completing their college education. Under this summer internship program, students can either choose full-time work or part-time. These are mainly paid internships that provide some monetary benefit to the students.

Cooperative education lets the students decide if they actually want to study the subject before completing their graduation degree.


These externships are shorter than traditional internships, and they take place over summer and spring break. Students opt for this internship program to gain a limited period of hands-on job experience.

This is a great option to judge yourself whether you are capable of working in a particular field of business or not. It will also give you an idea about everyone’s role played in a business. This is a very useful paid summer internship for college students.
Virtual Assistants

          Field Experience

The main purpose of field experience is to give students some real-time experience into the field they are studying. This not only helps in gaining experience but also lets the students apply their theoretical knowledge about what they have learned in the classrooms.

Moreover, it is a great way to know a job site you will be interested in joining in the future. Basically, the students have an advisor or mentor both in the school as well as in the field who can guide them the right way and help to deal with difficult situations. This is one of the best-paid summer internships for college students.

          Intern Abroad

It is also one of the best-paid summer internships for college students. You can directly fly abroad to gain some hands-on experience in the field of finance and tech. You can either work as an entry-level intern or as a full-timer. It entirely depends on you.

Here, you can also ask for the week paid. Heading to overseas also allows you to learn new cultures, new languages, and different skills. You will get a chance to explore a new country and make a home away from home.

          Entry Level Intern

Opting for an entry-level paid internship is a great opportunity to create an impact.  In the beginning, students perform various types of work. Thus, there exists a great chance for you to do some important work and get praise for it.

          Non-Profit Intern

Dedicating your skills and efforts to a non-profit organization is a big decision, and therefore, spending some time working with a non-profit organization is a good test drive that you can take. Non-profit organizations are based on a combination, and they mainly look for resources. You will definitely get a chance to try out your skills in various aspects of an organization.

When your friends are doing paid internships in some MNC, and you are working as a non-profit intern, you can surely make a great difference, and the people will feel glad to have you with fresh energy and enthusiasm.

          Service Learning

It is one of the best-paid summer internships for college students. In this internships, students use service-learning as a teaching tool that gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through community service. Here, the students use their class learning in the practical field and try to establish a connection.

It is a great opportunity to put your class learning into practice. If you are thinking of making your future career in the field of social work, human services, education, and non-profit work, this is a great opportunity. These types of internship programs are absolutely free for job seekers.


It sounds like practice. By opting for this internship program, the students can work in this area of study, which they have been studying for a long time. You can spend some time practicing some social work in a clinic. The internships emphasize how field work is important in learning. Students may transfer their skills to real work.


No matter which of the above-mentioned internship programs you choose, you will always get to learn some new skills which will make your future job search better. If any of these displayed here are job ads that match your query, go for it today. Taking an internship program is a great way to judge yourself whether you are ready for a particular job or not.

Moreover, the companies that hire summer interns want to see whether you have the right skills to perform the job responsibilities of a particular position. All these jobs are compensated by these employers.