Top 10 Physics Degree Jobs for aspiring students to pursue

Let’s imagine the world without physics… Is it possible? No theory, no laws, no mathematical expression of the theory… It only sounds suitable for the students who want easy clearance through the exams. But the world without physics is just impossible. So, there is lot of physics degree jobs for aspiring physics students.

Every aspect, particle, atmosphere, invention, and innovation is entirely dependent on the explanations, expressions, theories, and laws of physics. Behind every how and why there lie the concepts of physics. Suppose you want to know the why and how you have to educate on physics.

After completing your desired degree in physics, you can get broad exposure in the world of physics degree jobs. Ranging from nuclear weapons, computer technologies, laser, radio, and television to the simpler forms of every moment’s facts are the boon of physics.

The students must possess a grasp of physics-based-principles, numbers, and an innovative mindset. They should lean on the transformation of the imagination into practice through unique innovations and inventions. This article will give a clear view of a career with a physics degree.  

Is physics a good degree?

Is physics a good degree, or what is the importance of pursuing a physics degree? The prospective students can enjoy or benefit from the appealing and diversified career after the physics degree. The diverse job world increases the demand for physics graduates.

The physics job is not limited to the research and development segment. Now a day the physics gets a wide range of job exposure across the job world. You need to sharpen the required skills like communication, data analysis, numeracy, and problem-solving. You can upgrade by enhancing how the world works on the human and scientific levels. 

The more you sharp the skill-sets, the more you can earn as a physics graduate. According to a trusted survey report of the UK, physics graduates earn 14.4 percent more than the graduates of other fields. 

Physics students can access time, elements, matter, and space. If you think what are the available jobs with a physics degree. Don’t get tensed about that. Think about which industry is your preference; you can take the entry there only. This is a precious, demanding, decorated, and promising degree, which gives you a vast opportunity and smooth career path to climb the success ladder in your desired field.

Most of the sectors require the skills of a physicist. You can be a part of public sectors, Information Technology, computer science, defence, aerospace industries, automotive sector, materials, law, technology, healthcare, business, energy, and education. 

Skills required to study Physics Degree

The common skills to study physics degree are,

  • Computer expertise
  • Advanced and effective reasoning skills
  • Research skills
  • Specialized and specific knowledge of physics-related aspects and topics
  • Advance level of numeracy
  • Construction and delivering abilities for reasoning arguments
  • Practical-experimental skills
  • High grasping and analyzing capacity for the sets of the complex data set
  • Minute and precise concentration level for every detail
  • Problem-solving capability
  • Well efficient to the scientific-computer-software
  • Effective communication skill
  • Self-management (plan and meet the deadlines)
  • In-depth knowledge on technical-language

If you select physics as your career, you need to start it with a pure science combination in class 12. If you can secure excellent marks in mathematics and physics, you can get the gate pass for various colleges and universities for a physics bachelor’s degree.

A few universities offer an additional two years to get a master’s degree in physics after the B.Sc. After completing this physics program, you can secure an M Phy (Master of Physics) or M Sci (Master of Science). 

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 Where to Begin Your Career completing a Physics Degree

After completing the physics degree, you can get a comprehensive platform of diversified physics jobs in various sectors such as military, research and development, medicine, education, science, business, law, and engineering. The pursuing physics students can avail themselves of the broad and beneficial internship opportunities of various reputed companies. 

The internship opportunities apply to Engineering-Physics-Major and engineering. The following companies provide valuable internship opportunities,

  • Boeing
  • Accenture
  • Ajax Tocco Mangethermic
  • Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Battelle
  • CISCO system
  • CAR technologies
  • Centre of Automotive Research
  • IBM
  • NASA
  • Microsoft
  • J P Morgan Chase
  • Honda R&D, USA
  • Wright-Patterson Air force Base
  • Nationwide financial
  • Raytheon Integrated Defense System

According to the survey report, most students follow jobs after completing a bachelor’s degree in physics. You have to know the sectors where you can apply for the positions. The following are the entry-level jobs for a physics major,

  • System analyst
  • Accelerator operator
  • Lab technician
  • Design engineer
  • Laser engineer
  • Software developer
  • Optical engineer
  • IT consultant
  • Data analyst
  • Web developer
  • Application engineer
  • Technical specialist

The practical job search process will help to access the reputed multinational companies to secure any of the above-stated dignified job roles. 

Job Search Tips for Physics Majors

Resume preparation:

A resume is the first impression to get selected for the interview. Even in the interview, a summary always gets additional benefits. It would help if you highlighted your skill-sets, academics, internships, extracurricular activities, hobbies, visa status (optional), job mobility, current address, and a brief about you.

A well-structured CV will snatch the attention of the employers among the others. But you have to put every valid detail in the Resume. Highlight more the current achievements. Many professional CV developers can give a structured and effective CV for getting a job.

You must include the following skill to make your Resume catchier.

  • Reasoning
  • Problem-solving
  • Practical skill
  • Numeracy
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • IT skills
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills

Career services:

The career services offer the following,

  • Develop and edit the Resume
  • Develop an effective cover letter
  • Provide preparatory session for various interviews and career fair
  • Help the candidate register and describe the steps to get a job
  • Provide the advantages of multiple workshops (professional correspondence, required confidence for facing interviews, and find and apply Federal-jobs-internships)

Additional resources:

  • During the job hunting phase, you can share your connections (if any); if Engineering Career Counselling finds any match in your field-of-interest, they will offer that. 
  • Handshake is a position-posting system; the students can get broad access to various part-full time jobs.
  • Physics Academic Advisors will also provide some recommendations and suggestions on your goals and desired job position. 

Career fairs:

  • Career and Internship Fair
  • Quantitative and Data Career Expo
  • Spring Career Fair
  • Engineering Career Fair
  • Summer Internship and Opportunity Fair
  • SWE Engineering Career Fair
  • Environmental and Sustainability Career Expo

Continuing Education and Certifications

A large number of physics graduates pursue further higher studies. They often go for a post-graduation degree in physics to earn in-depth knowledge on specific aspects of physics. They usually follow the following subjects,

  • Mathematical physics
  • Quantum physics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Astrophysics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Particle physics

 The physics graduates who want to follow their careers in teaching; often pursue different teaching qualifications like PGCE. Few of them want to follow the R&D; they go for the Ph.D. 

You can even select for the entirely diverse field for higher study after BSc (physics). Few online certifications are also available to secure a Master’s degree certificate in physics. 

  • University of California 

Subject: Online Certificate in Optical Engineering

Type: Part-time

Tenure: Twelve to eighteen months

The medium of learning: English

 Platform: Online

  • Furness College, Uk

Subject: Science Cambridge Technical Level 2 Extended Certificate 

Type: Full-time

The medium of learning: English

Platform: Off-Online

  • Landmark Baptist College, USA

Subject: SC-402 Physics III Certificate

The medium of learning: English

 Platform: Online

Top 10 Physics Degree Jobs for Physics Major

Popular sectors of jobs for Physics Major are as follows-

Research scientist:

  • Avg base salary: $83490 (Yearly)
  • Job roles: Research assistant, Physicist, Research associate, Research analyst, and Researcher
  • Description: Experiment, documentation, staff management, research paper presentation, and peer research reading


  • Avg base salary: $114134 (Yearly)
  • Job roles: Associate professor, Assistant professor, Graduated Assistant, Adjunct professor
  • Description: delivering lectures, research, research paper writing, and journal review

Physics teacher: 

  • Avg base salary: $57321 (Yearly)
  • Job roles: Teaching assistant, Science teacher, Teacher aid, Teacher
  • Description: teaching 

Data scientist: 

  • Avg base salary: $117345 (Yearly)
  • Job roles: Data engineer, Data analyst, Learning engineer (Machine), Business analyst
  • Description: Analyze, interpret, and derive the insights from colossal data 

Lab manager: 

  • Avg base salary: $57321 (Yearly)
  • Job roles: Lab assistant, Lab supervisor, Lab technician
  • Description: maintain the safety and productivity of the lab orientation

Medical physicists: 

  • Avg base salary: $129183 (Yearly)
  • Job roles: Health physicist, Physicist, Radiation therapist
  • Description: effective operation and implementation of radiation and radiology


  • Avg base salary: $117220 (Yearly)
  • Job roles: Physicist, Astrophysicists
  • Description: in-depth research on the universe and its elements

Optical engineer: 

  • Avg base salary: $100503 (Yearly)
  • Job roles: Laser engineer
  • Description: designing the optical equipment (telescope, lenses, microscope, binoculars, and sensors)

Aerospace engineer: 

  • Avg base salary: $89195 (Yearly)
  • Job roles: Rocket-pollution-engineer, Aircraft engineer
  • Description: designing spacecraft and aircrafts


  • Avg base salary: $98348 (Yearly)
  • Job roles: Environmental scientist, Geologist, Petroleum engineer
  • Description: Forecasting weather, climate changes (long term), natural disaster, earth function, and overall environmental aspects

Entry-Level Physics Major Jobs 

  • Optical engineer
  • Research assistant
  • IT consultant
  • Test engineer
  • Lab assistant
  • Field engineer

Beside these top jobs, a physics lots of other options to.

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  • Astronomy and space

This is an extremely competitive job field of physics. For the trainee job-role, you can apply as an undergraduate also. But for the higher designations and responsibilities, you need to have at least MSc (physics) degree.

  • Healthcare

Research-oriented medical companies, research institutions, medical-technology-companies, academic institutions, and healthcare providers are lucrative opportunities for the physics graduate and more than that.

  • Energy

The oil-gas and renewable energy companies are a massive opportunity for physicists.

  • Technology

As invention and innovation are an integral part of technology, this is the ideal sector for physics scholars.

  • Meteorology career

Geophysicists’ primary responsibility is to forecast weather, climate changes (long term), natural disaster, earth function, and overall environmental aspects. This is also a promising sector for physics degree holders.

Sum up…

Physics is a perfect subject to pursue a bright career. Without physics, nothing can be possible and explainable. The invention, innovation, modification, up-gradation, fact explanation, secretes derivation, and many more aspects will be stopped and unexplored. The above article describes every possible detail on physics degree jobs