How to prepare your kid for 1st day of School or kindergarten?

Preparing your kid for 1st day for kindergarten or school is a big day that every parent looks for and remembers forever. It fills a sort of excitement in parents as they are curious to know the reaction of their kids when first-time they let them be away from them for hours. Here we are discussing” how to prepare your kid for 1st day of school“.

Tips to prepare your kid for 1st day of school

Here are some tips that one can follow and make this day comfortable for your kid.

In advance, visit the school or kindergarten

Many schools and kindergartens inspire students and parents to visit the school before the beginning of the term. This visit allows the child and parents to familiarise themselves with the school’s location, layout and dimension. Look for places like the office, the toilet and the café. This offers strong visual guidance for your child and lets you explore classroom, lunch area, luncheon area and school year issues in advance for your child.

Meet the class teacher

If feasible, meet the class teacher, that will be very helpful to understand the instructor beforehand. In this way, before your child begins class, both you and your child can feel confident to know him/her. This also means your kid instantly on the first day of school knows a familiar face. By doing so, the parent-teacher relation even begins before 1st P.T. meeting. Also, meet with school staff and understand the rules and regulation of the school well.

Never be nervous

That’s true. Most of the parents would be nervous on the first day of their kid’s school. Getting anxious will confuse you and not let you prepare your child properly. Your children feel nervous. Feel comfortable, remain calm, and make a list of all the articles that your child needs.

Convince your kid

Trust your kids. Talk about your love of learning, about the friendships that form at school before school starts. Enhance your child’s faith by sharing positive experiences and all your child’s experiences. Tell them how you walk to school on the first day. This will reduce the separation anxiety of your child.

Avoid over-preparations

Keep the list of articles short that your child needs. Schools supply all the necessary basic things to children, so there is no need to load the child with so much stuff. Over-preparations will confuse you and may make you forget to keep essential things in the child’s bag.

Check the school routine

Awareness of the new routine is essential. “Go to school a few times or inquire about the routine of your child before school begins,” says Mitchell. “You could take some images and write a small book that tells your child what is going on or reminds her of the day.”

Change Your Child’s Bedtime Routine

The first day of school is not the time to have a child who is sluggish or exhausted. Begin changing your child’s sleeping habits a few weeks before the first day of school. Increase your child’s bedtime by 15 minutes per day until he or she can get up at the desired hour.

A cheerful child is well rested. Furthermore, an early wake time allows your child to eat a nutritious meal and complete the daily ritual (more on that in a bit). Even if waking up early sounds unpleasant, it is preferable to rushing him through his morning routine and leaving him sleepy and hungry.

Reach school before time

You must reach school before time so that you can comfortably see your child’s classroom and meet the teacher before school starts. Confirm the kindergarten days and timings. Kindergarten hours are not so long, so be alert to reach in time to pick your child. It would avoid unnecessary hassles.

Ensure communicating important information to the teacher

If your child is suffering from any ailment or allergy, make sure that the teacher knows about it. Send a separate note to the teacher on the first day of school of your kid. If your child is shy in communicating about going to the bathroom, inform the teacher so that child will be taken care of.

Lunchbox rules

Never prepare anything heavy, fried, or anything that your child may not eat comfortably. Always prepare easy to eat and healthy school lunch. You may also try leaving lovely messages in the lunchbox to make your child happy. This will help the first day of school for toddlers comfortable.

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Put labels of name and address of your child along with your contact number on all the articles of the child. As it is the first day of your child, the teacher is not familiar with students and their stuff. It will make her task easy to know what belongs to whom. Also, show everything to the child so that he knows what all he is carrying.

Kindergarten activities

You should already know what activities take place in the kindergarten of your child. It will help you to understand well how much fun the child is going to have and the also safety level of the kindergarten activities.

 Maintain your smile

It’s as essential as other preparations. Drop your child at his school with a big smile. Show your child a smile when you go to pick your child. Welcome your child with open arms and a smiley face. Let your child feel that you were eagerly waiting. While returning from school plan some fun.

At the end of the day, relax and let your child relax and have a proper nap after coming home. Do ask about the day’s details from your child. The journey has just started. Prepare him for the next day and avoid repeating the flaws if there were any on the first day. Hope you love this article “Prepare Your Kid For 1st Day of School”.

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