Discussing SAT Exam Eligibility & Registration Process for 2021

The Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is integral for the college admissions process in the US, Canada, and several other countries. Most respective college board(s) conduct this standardized test for selecting the adequacy of their aspiring students for their undergraduate courses. So, it is very important to know the SAT Exam Eligibility criteria.

What is SAT exam and it’s eligibility?

SAT mainly tests the written, mathematical, and verbal skills of every student prior to enrolling them. Above all, the subject tests cover areas such as English, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Science, and History!

Further Explaining…

The SAT exam hails as one of the most prominent entrance tests to prep students for their undergraduate admission to colleges and universities. Moreover, the countries which mainly accept SAT subject tests and SAT scores are as follows –

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

In terms of the basic SAT, exam eligibility goes, there is no such age limit set as per the college boards. In fact, students can apply for the test after passing their high school. Usually, the most common student’s age limit for taking SAT ranges between 17-19 years. 

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More on SAT Eligibility…!

  • The mode of this examination is mainly a written-based MCQ offline test
  • The respective college board decides the SAT date each year
  • The SAT registration fees is $101 without the essay and $117 for the SAT with the essay
  • And its overall score ranges between 400-1600 points

SAT Eligibility for Students with Disabilities

You must be wondering if there are any special SAT eligibility criteria for students with disabilities. If that’s so, then the answer is YES. 

If a particular student willingly wants to take the SAT, then he/she will get some added facilities. However, those additional conveniences must get prior approval from the respective College Board’s SDD (Services for Students with Disabilities)!

After getting approval, those respective students can get those special conveniences for both their general SAT and SAT subjects tests!

A Look into Those Special Conveniences for Students with Disabilities

  • Special use of Braille and large-prints for exam papers to aid the visually impaired candidates 
  • Students with disabilities will get the convenience of extra time for completing their SAT
  • More break allowances for respective students during their examination
  • Allowance to use computers for writing essays

SAT Exam Eligibility FAQs

  • How Many SAT Exams Can A Student Take?

Ideally, there is no limit to the number of times you can take the SAT exam. This is similarly to ACT- (American College Testing). In a year, college boards conduct 5 SAT exams in a year. It is a common occurrence in India, namely in the months of March, May, August, October, December!

The test schedules and registration deadline may vary from college to college and from country to country. However, if you want to know all about the SAT, then click here!

  • What’s The Educational Qualification?

As per the SAT exam eligibility goes, there are no particular educational qualifications! However, students who are in high school can unhesitantly take the test. This particularly holds true for those students who desire to complete UG studies abroad and progress to their next academic learning level.

  • What Skills Are Important For the SAT Test?

The SAT exam eligibility, however, requires students to have sharp writing and critical reading skills. In addition, the students also need to be proficient in Mathematical analyses, History, and Science. 

In simple terms, the SAT exam looks to test the very skills which students learn in their high school environment. Also, by testing those very skills, college boards validate the skill level of students necessary for their academic success in their college levels.


MOVING OVER… To the SAT Registration Process!

Now that we are done with the necessary SAT exam eligibility aspect let’s shift attention to its registration process.

As obvious, candidates who want to sit for the SAT will have to register for the sat admission ticket. This test is very important for bachelor-level education, be it in the States, Canada, and other countries (listed above)!

There are two ways through which aspiring students can register for the SAT. Firstly, through emailing and secondly, via a more convenient online registration method! Above all, if you choose the convenient online mode of registration, you will have to set up a login ID on the SAT official site. 

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The Online Registration Process Is Quite Simple –

  • You simply visit the College Board official site
  • After visiting, you sign up and create your SAT account
  • Next up involves submitting all the mandatory details
  • Then you need to decide which SAT exam you want to sit for along with the nearest test center to your location
  • Once all this is done, you need to upload your most recent photograph
  • Lastly, you pay the SAT application fee 

(You’re done!)

The Offline/Email Registration Process –

Firstly, you’ll need to refer to the Student Registration Guide for SAT and SAT subject tests. They will be easily obtainable at schools

  • That very student registration guide will contain a form and a return envelope
  • Please fill-up the form and submit it with a DD-demand draft
  • The SAT local representatives will collect the envelope and take it directly to the regional head office

(That’s about it!)

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SAT Registration FAQs

  • Are There Any Specific SAT Slot Booking Criteria?

No, there is no slot booking criteria. This test anyway consists of a limited number of seals in each respective SAT centre. So, respective students will have to secure their test slot beforehand to avoid any last-minute unappreciative hindrances!

  • How Can One Cancel Their SAT?

If you wish to cancel your SAT, then you must know that there will be no such fee refund. Moreover, if you’ve already registered for the SAT, and you cancel it five days ahead of the exam, then you will get a refund of $10. 

  • Is It Feasible To Reschedule Or Postpone The SAT Examination Date?

Yes, it is possible to postpone or reschedule an already established SAT exam date. However, respective students will need to pay an extra test fee of $30 for changing their examination date. 

In addition to this, the students will again have to log in to their respective SAT accounts and put a plea for a change in date!

  • Is it Possible to Get a Fee Waiver?

The good news for all 11th and 12th-grade students hailing from the US territories is they are eligible for SAT fee waivers. Those US citizens residing outside the country will also get the convenience of fee waivers. 

However, SAT fee waivers are only applicable for students between grades 9-12. You can also know How to Get a GRE Fee Waiver? A Knowledge-Base to Help You”

To Sum Up –

With the New Year up and running and SAT exams to take place soon, students preparing for the SAT should get serious. 

The SAT Test Schedules for 2021 Go Something Like –

  • March 13th with its registration deadline being 12th of Feb  
  • May 8th (SAT & SAT subject test) with its registration deadline being 8th of April
  • June 5th (SAT & SAT subject test) with its registration deadline being 6th of May


This is your chance to prepare for your SAT, secure the score your desired college wants, and create a path for your future career.

There are lots of practice mock test papers and prep SAT books available both online and offline. Procure them ASAP and start off your preparation. Also, if you need professional tutoring aid, don’t hesitate to enlist help from an experienced one.