Free Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in India~Facts to Know

Scholarship for undergraduate students in India

India is a third world developing country. Maximum people of India are below the poverty level. Though they are poor they have the adequate talent to pursue higher education.  There are large numbers of Pvt and Govt. institutions which are sharing their financial help towards the poor but talented students to follow their dreams.There are several scholarship for undergraduate students in India.

This free scholarship in India is distributed to t different level of education. This scholarship for higher studies in India is provided at the graduation level, post-graduation level, Ph.D. and post-doctorate level.  Few scholarships are also distributed to the economically backward undergraduate students in India.

What is the need of Scholarship?

This culture of giving scholarships at different stages of education is not only financial aid but also this spreads the awareness of education.  Increasing education fees become hurdles for financially underprivileged people.

Though they have enough merits and talent due to the financial scarcity stop them to peruse education.  Indian scholarships are crafted for the self-development of the students. This will help to upgrade the culture and progress of India.

Though India is famous for the cultures and education in the world from the past, this financial initiative for perusing the education will carry forward the rich background of India.

The way to have an Indian scholarship

You need to search for the scholarship before the educational institution admission.

Try to understand the terms and conditions of the scholarship program before applying for that. You need to match those terms and conditions with your requirements.

Only then you should go for that scholarship program. Some of the scholarships will take all the expenses of yours during the study, but some will take the responsibility of tuition fees.

Go through the application form thoroughly and fill up that with a pencil.

You will be asked frequently simple questions about yourself and you need to be prompt in responding.

Then you will be asked and have to show the educational talent certification which is fulfilling the criteria for applying for the scholarship.

You need to give proof for the family income.

Also you need  to mail the documents to the mail id provided on the application form.

Tips to get free scholarships

You need to be careful about the small mistakes while filling up the application form.

You need to develop yourself for the 5Ps. The 5Ps  is “Prior, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, & Performance“.

Only the SAT grades and scores are not the criteria to give such scholarships. But take the other aspects also into consideration. These are the talent, skills, community, leadership, activities and the application package presentation.

You need to polish your skills before applying for the scholarship.

Sometimes the candidates who have certificates of extracurricular activities, are privileged for such scholarships,

You need to fill up the application form and submit that. Do not wait for the deadline for submission. You need to keep in mind that ‘earlier is the better’.

The procedure of scholarship application for undergraduate students in India

As a candidate, you need to go through and understand the terms and conditions of the scholarship before applying. The application procedure is different for different trusts and institutions.

Scholarship for undergraduate students 

Check the lists of undergraduate scholarships below,

  • Young India Fellowship (2012)
  • CBSE Merit Scholarships for undergraduates (2012)
  • Scholarship Program for Diaspora Children (2012)
  • NIIT Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarship (2011)

Subject specific scholarship 

If you have clear idea about your strong point , best knowledge about a specific subject,Then you can pursue  subject  specific undergraduate scholarships offered by  various groups associated with your field of study.

For commerce students,accountancy , CA  are the major subjects for specific scholarship. For engineering students  get scholarships  in the field chemical,biotechnology,aeronautic and many more.

Distributing free scholarship in India is a noble approach to the meritorious but poor kids. This initiative will help to enhance the rate of education in India .This would be overall progress for India.

People who can’t access to modern and higher education, different Govt. and Pvt Organizations ready to help them.  The poor undergraduate children are also getting the benefits of such kind of free scholarships in India.