Top 10 Scholarship To Study Abroad For Indian Students

If you are an Indian student and looking for opportunities to study abroad, then you will be happy to know that lots of international scholarship is available for Indian students. Many governments, organizations, and universities are there. Here we are giving the list of  Top 10 scholarship to study abroad for Indian students.

There are many scholarship programs for an Indian student to opt for abroad. Despite the availability of a scholarship for students, many students don’t know the funding options attached to them.

Scholarships are financial help award to help students pay for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Studying abroad is the dream for many Indian students. This desire is not possible because of financial constraints. This fiscal can be an obstacle to such goals. By proper planning for the scholarship to study abroad, students can fulfil their dream.

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Because of that, many national and international bodies try to ensure that talented Indian students get a quality education without a lack of funds.

Know The Types Of Foreign Scholarship To Study Abroad

There are several kinds of international scholarships available to fulfil your dream of studying abroad. Generally speaking, foreign scholarships can be divided into the following categories:

Merit based: Provided on the basis of academic achievement or performance on qualifying examinations, merit-based scholarships are those that are awarded on the basis of academic achievement or performance on qualifying exams.

Need based: Scholarships provided on the basis of financial need are known as need-based scholarships. On the basis of their socioeconomic situation or their family’s annual income, students largely get the help of the need-based scholarships.

Subject oriented: Students planning to pursue a certain field of study may be eligible for grants from some colleges and institutes that are subject-specific.

Country specific: It may differ from one country to another. A number of governmental bodies, governments, and institutions provide financial assistance to students from a certain nation. These scholarships are available in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and the US, Australia and many more countries.

Personal to the student: Students who are able to categorise themselves based on variety of factors such as gender, colour, religion, family background, and medical history are eligible for scholarships that are specific to the student.

Athletic Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to the top of the greatest athletes. 
Applicants must also continue their training and represent their university at variety of sporting events in order to be considered.

When we go through a few websites, you might probably realize how hard it is to find the scholarship available for international studies. Many many scholarships and grants are available for domestic students. Only a few handfuls are available for international students. Students do not need to get discouraged.

Top 10 Scholarship list to study abroad

In this article, we discuss the scholarship available for the students while they want to study abroad.

1. Fulbright-Nehru Masters Fellowship: 

Fulbright-Nehru master’s fellowships invite those candidates who have executed leadership qualities and have finished the bachelor’s degree and have experience of at least three years. The USIEF offers these scholarships to Indian students who want to pursue a mater’s course or research in any US institution.

This fellowship program is designed for the excellent Indian students to pursue a master’s degree program at some selected US colleges and Universities. This scholarship is for Arts and Culture Management, including heritage conservation and Museum Studies, Urban and Regional Planning, International Legal Studies, Public Health, Women’s studies.

It is given for one-two years and includes tuition fees and living allowance. There is no specified number of seats. They consider the application of candidates who seem deserving of the scholarship.

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2. Oxford Cambridge Society of India Scholarship: 

Oxford Cambridge Society Scholarship is for students who are bachelor’s, masters, and Ph.D. candidates. This goal is to help Indian students who want to pursue further education at the colleges of Oxford or Cambridge by giving them financial help. The maximum eligibility age is 30 years, and the reward amount varies every year.

Besides the financial aid, the scholar also receives letters of support from OSCI, life membership of OSCI, a member of OSCI as a mentor on written request to OSCI society during the abroad stay.

3. TATA Scholarship- Cornell University:

The TATA scholarship fund takes care that the specific best Indian students can approach the Cornell University irrespective of their monetary conditions. This scholarship grants for a yearly basis. Students will get the scholarship for the span of their undergraduate program at Cornell. i.e., eight semesters.

This trust support 20 students in total who can study at Cornell at once. The TATA scholarship covers the tuition fee for undergraduate programs up to eight semesters. For applications that take more time than the duration, the students need to bear the additional cost.

 This aid covers living expenses, food, medical land travel expenses. The assistance is limited to students going to study in the united states of America at Cornell University.

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4. Edinburgh Napier University Scholarship:

Edinburgh Napier University Scholarships by Edinburgh Napier University is a joint initiative between the British Council and UK colleges to help extraordinarily talented students from India.

They promote their studies in the UK and end up as the UK’s representative for advanced education in India.

Selected students receive the award as a reduction in their overall tuition fees.

5. University College Dublin Scholarship:

Indian students can apply for this scholarship online. They can experience its vast culture and receive fantastic educational opportunities.

The leading Irish University with over 30,000 students is a part of it every year.

They offer one of the best qualities of education and welcome students from across the world.

6. Melbourne-India postgraduate scholarship: 

It is the highest rank at the University of Australia. This University has collaborated with India to build up a productive relationship between both countries. The aim is to give the best education and teaching to the young generation.

This University welcomes Indian candidates for the postgraduate scholarship program at their University.

The courses covered are Engineering, business, design, humanities, and law.

7. Chinese Government Scholarship:

Interested candidates can try Chinese Government scholarship 2019-20, which is currently open. Candidates need to fill up the online scholarship application.

They apply directly to Chinese colleges for the degree course. The program is available for the bachelor’s, masters, or doctoral levels in any Chinese college or University.

The candidates should secure 60% marks or above in their last academic qualification.

They should have adequate knowledge about the culture, heritage, and geography of China. Candidates are required to undergo one-year Chinese language training before admission since the medium of instruction is Chinese.

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8. Chevening Scholarship:

The foreign and commonwealth office finances The UK Government’s global scholarship program. The university program offers extraordinary researchers with leadership qualities from around the globe a reward.

Around 1500 scholarship offers are there for international students. These scholarships give an excellent opportunity for Indian students to get selected.

The scholarship gives full or partial aid depending upon the need of the candidate. It covers living expenses, tuition, travel costs to and from the UK, and many other allowances.

9. University of Sheffield’s Scholarship:

The University of Sheffield allows international students to carry out research programs at the international level. The minimum eligibility criteria is a master’s degree.

The period of the scholarship program is up to two years. You should have an understanding and knowledge of the English language correctly.

10. India4EU II scholarship:

India4EU II  provides scholarships to students and researchers of India to research any of the universities in partnership with the European Commission.

The scholarship is available at graduation, post-graduation, Ph.D., and postdoctoral level.

This scholarship gives travel allowance and also tuition fees. The scholarship also provides insurance cover on travel, health, and accident during the research period.


Besides, these scholarships are granted to their deserving students by colleges and universities. You will find them directly at the colleges and universities. The secret to remember is to devote as much time and energy when applying scholarship to study abroad, and you are likely to see the results.

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