Semrush Review – How to Get Best Result to Grow Your Online Business?

Market research and diligence are no small feat for content creators. Starting from keyword research to competitor analysis, every SEO expert needs reliable tools to do the heavy lifting. Enter Semrush, the leading market research software for shaping and optimizing your content to reap maximum results! In this article, we will discuss Semrush review in details.
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What is Semrush?   

SEMrush Review

Semrush has cultivated a well-deserved reputation over the years, thanks to its ease of use without compromising functionality. Before going deeper into its feature set and Semrush review, here are some of the highlights-

Semrush Features

  1. Organic Research
  2. Advertising Research
  3. Audience Insights
  4. Backlinks
  5. CPC Mapping
  6. Site Audit
  7. SEO Writing Assistant

Benefits of Semrush

  • Understanding site’s performance
  • Finding usable and valuable keywords
  • Keeping track of competitors
  • Retaining existing traffic

With all the benefits mentioned above, and more, Semrush makes for a compelling piece of software, especially effective in the marketing domain. Several major companies across the world use Semrush and consider it one of the most reliable platforms. Although price of Semrush might seem a little costly, once you become familiar with it, the return on investment is much higher. Let’s take on to the Semrush review to understand this in a better way. Grow your online visibility. From just one platform.
Traffic Analysts Tool

Semrush- Online Visibility Management Platform

Semrush makes it easy for the user to assess the level of visibility a brand/content has on the web. Unfortunately, several businesses do not understand why they perform inadequately, and much of it is attributed to their inadequate exposure to potential customers. It can happen due to several reasons like broken tags, links, images, or JavaScript and CSS files. These issues can be identified using the Semrush Site Audit feature. Once fixed, this can help you get an edge over several businesses. Embrace the Power of Competitive Intelligence.

Benefits of this tool:

With the tools, you can see the amount of traffic you’re receiving and how your keywords perform relative to your competitors. The Post Tracking feature helps measure your competitor’s articles through backlinks, referral traffic, and much more!

Tracking your visibility works for both organic and paid searches. One of the more exciting things about this is that you can keep track of your online ranking when searched on desktops and mobile phones separately. Surprisingly, both can be quite different. In case of a decline in traffic, you can look for new ways to fix things. Get more traffic to your website with versatile solutions for every step of your SEO journey.

Key Stats:

7Million plus marketing professionals have already used this tool and highly benefited from Semrush. Semrush have already won 14 International award as best SEO software suite. Semrush provides you with access to the world’s largest database, which contains 20 billion keywords, 310 million ads, and 17 billion URLs crawled per day.

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Social Media Marketing with SEO 

Semrush is equipped with dedicated social media tools. Therefore, integrating social media marketing with SEO becomes a cakewalk. Some features allow you to observe your brand reputation and interactions. Semrush also makes it easier for you to post anything on several social media platforms, thanks to its inclusive interface. You can also monitor the growing social trends and adjust your content accordingly.

Benefits of this tool:

SEMrush also makes it easier for you to post anything on several social media platforms, incorporating schedules to promote consistency. The SMM tools include advertisement management tools, which help track your Facebook ads performance. You can create and monitor your ads to identify the weak performers and implement suggested changes. This is all made possible with Semrush’s extensive ad database, which consists of over 5.2 million total advertisers and 310 million total ads.

Grow your online visibility

Improved Content Marketing 

Semrush also helps you market content effectively by informing you of the keywords unique to you and the ones you’ll need to compete for. The Content Analyzer feature measures the level of optimization of your content along with its social performance. This is achieved by analysing user behaviour, social impact/reach, and recognizing websites that may relate to your content, which can be interlinked.

Benefits of this tool:

With the help of SEO Writing Assistant, you can use the keywords effectively while checking for plagiarism on the go. You can use it through SEMrush or as a plug-in. Without the help of Semrush and detailed Semrush review, several marketing teams suffer from having no direction on how to create content. 

Since the keywords that make all the difference are not available to them, the content they release fails to reach the amount of traffic targeted. This is why Semrush plays a crucial role in identifying the most effective keywords around which the marketing team can build their content. Plan, Write and Analyze Content in One Place.

Semrush’s Backlinking Tools

Improved PPC Campaign Management 

On top of monitoring organic search results, Semrush also facilitates strategizing and executing effective PPC campaigns. It will assist you in collecting keywords through several channels and cross-match negative keywords. This will help you exclude terms of less importance and focus on those that cater to your audience more.

Benefits of this tool:

Semrush also has a tool for recommending when you should remove duplicate and unnecessary elements from your content. Such tools make life a lot easier for beginners as well as professionals.

Enhanced PLA Performance 

With Semrush, it is possible to manage your product listing ads better, especially in Google Shopping. The module that Semrush uses allows you to be competitive against your market rivals. You can define your Google Shopping competitors and check on how many keywords you have in common with them, all in the span of a few clicks. 

Once you follow the keywords triggering your competitor’s PLS to pop up against paid search results, you’ll know how to change your content to improve search rankings. Once you do, this will eat up your competitors’ share of the screen space. Additionally, this will give insights into how other companies are successfully optimizing their PLAs. 

How Much Does It Cost?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and in this Semrush review, you will get the right answer. Considering the modern trends, Semrush has got three monthly subscriptions standard plan, and they start with 

  • $119.95 for Pro
  • $229.95 for Guru 
  • $449.95 for Business

For enterprise solutions, you can easily reach the right person at [email protected]

All the packages have a unique set of features, and they have their own utility for the users.  And that we will discuss in some other Semrush review. 

Position Tracking Tool

Simplified Report Creation 

With all the data you gather using the numerous tools in Semrush, you can also compile and arrange them into a professional-grade report. It’s easily customizable, letting you add images and spaces for texts and comments. It can be done without leaving the Semrush interface. You’ll also find the option to share your report directly from the interface, ensuring all your team members stay updated.

Web-based companies, digital marketers, and consultants find this tool to be handy. You can make these reports visually appealing with branded reports to track all the critical KPIs.

Semrush is supported on all the major devices like Android phones, iPhones, and desktop computers, having web-based application support. Semrush is Cloud hosted. The pricing models are divided to cater to short or long-term needs. They provide the option of monthly payments or annual subscriptions. 

Semrush Review Conclusions

When it comes to usefulness and usability, small, large, medium businesses and even  freelancers can profit from these services. Semrush also has a vast keyword database that gets frequent updates, which helps build SEO and PPC campaigns.

It offers over 20 billion keywords for users, making it the largest keyword database available in the market. Users can buy as many keywords as they please without any need for plan up-gradation or installing add-ons.

The unique SEO tools that Semrush provides have certainly allowed it to have the edge over other tools of the same kind. It has benefited several large companies and grows its industrial adaptation by the day.

Hope the Semrush review was useful, and you will have better insights now. Please feel to come to the inbox to share your insights and suggestions. Take a Trial, and Get More Out of Semrush!

                                    Semrush review- FAQs 

What are Semrush’s top competitors?

Semrush is in direct competition with a plethora of other search tools. Which rivals to compare to Semrush is determined by the characteristics you want to utilize.

Semrush’s main rival is Ahrefs, Moz, Ubbersuggest, Serpstat. These tools directly compete with Semrush in every feature category. Others, such as KWFinder, Long Tail Pro, are in direct competition with Semrush’s as a keyword research tool. Buzzsumo is another well known tool as content research tool.

You can use SpyFu, Alexa for competitor analysis. For traffic analysis of any website, SimilarWeb is a very good tool.

How to start a  free trial of SEMrush?

There are two types of free trial plan offered by Semrush. You may try Semrush Pro for free for 30 days (regular price $99.95) or Semrush Guru for 14 days (regular price $199.95).

Choose your plan and go to the sign-up page. Then create your account with a valid email-id and password. You will get a code in your registered mail-id. Put that code for verification. Fill up your billing information and address, then click “Place order” to finish the process. Now enjoy your free trial offer!