Top 10 Sites Like Udemy for Online Learning ~ Know More About It

As we know that there is no end of learning, so you must have heard about the online learning sites like Udemy. Udemy is one of the leading sites for online learning which provides thousands of learning courses in different fields. Udemy is a website which provides access to unlimited courses. These courses are free, and for some courses, they charge money at an affordable rate.

Since a few years, we have seen a vast development in demand for online learning. Udemy is one of the most desirable online learning platforms for students. Udemy serves knowledge to both learners in the entire business world and even students who want to gain more knowledge beyond the curriculum maintained by the universities. The only thing in which Udemy is backing behind is that it does not offer certification after completing a particular course.

If you want to do online courses which offer certification for courses, then you can check the other learning sites which are alternatives to Udemy. There are many other sites such as the Khan Academy Courses, Coursera, Skillshare, Udacity, Lynda, Masterclass, Codecademy, edX, Alison. There are some free and paid courses on different websites of learning courses.Time Management, Prioritization and Productivity Course for as low as $10.99

What does Udemy offer to us?

Udemy is a very well-known and popular eLearning website which delivers knowledge to thousands of learners. There are different categories in classes such as business, photography, marketing, designing, coding, and many more. You get prepared for several tests and job interviews.

The learners get to know so many things in details. There is no schedule like schools and universities. You can do your preferred course in any place. There are several alternatives of Udemy which provide several tech courses. Once you enrolled in any course in Udemy, you will get lifetime access to the course. This is a great advantage Udemy offer to their students.

They focus on the web/app system where programming, software and other technological advances are a requirement. The technology has helped a lot to develop the learning process with efficient planning and management digitally. Udemy offers 13000 plus online courses.

Anyone can publish courses on Udemy and other sites where they can deliver their knowledge to make the students stronger than before. The self-publishing process is a very efficient method of attracting different instructors. They also upload videos on their sites.Real-world skills. Real-world experts. And a really good sale. See what you can save.

What are the 10 best online learning sites like Udemy? 

The alternatives of Udemy also provide tutorial courses for all standards. They teach subjects like Maths, English, Science, Humanities, etc. in a more advanced way to the students. They satisfy the parents with the courses as it develops new skills in learning. The eLearning system offers a wide range of career options. You can do any course at affordable prices. Undoubtedly, you will get certified after completing the courses of your choice. Here are the best online learning sites like Udemy:

·      Alison

Alison is free for all. It provides interactive online classes via social networks and multimedia. Therefore, you can get online tutorials for education and other specialized skill training for workplaces. The students get opportunities to learn on a broader platform and learns computer programming. You will get certified after completing the courses. Upskilling is the motive of the trainers through several technological advances and web development.

Cost of Alison Certificates ranges between €12 and €35, depending on how you pick the certificate, whether it’s digital, printed or framed. Diplomas are more costly. This diploma cost between € 39 to €75 and you will be asked to pay €149 to €165 if you are interested in getting the Learning Course, which is a learner’s e-learning activities.


·      Codecademy

There are some free courses, and some are paid courses. The Codecademy primarily focuses on courses such as data science, computer programming, web development courses. The students get to know about different software and features of the software. The learners get training on how to access HTML, Python, JavaScript, SQL and more.

If you do courses in Codecademy, it teaches you to do coding. It teaches you about programming and different types of programming languages. The US government also supports Codecademy, which is one of the most reputed eLearning websites. The Codecademy starts a unique learning system which is gasification, which is fun in learning. The students keep on studying with significant results.

·      Skillshare

The Skillshare is another useful online learning website, which focuses on learning through practical means. The industry professionals conduct the programs who serve relative information that is performed practically and creates an area of interest among the creative learners.

Therefore, this is a certificate course which can help you get jobs in top positions. If you have a creative mind which has skills like animation, photography, music then you must choose Skillshare for your benefit.

·      Coursera

Coursera is a unique site which focuses on topics like computer science, business management, arts, social sciences and more. The Coursera is one of the popular learning websites which has an association with the top universities and several other educational institutes. Moreover, you get the chance to attend classes of well-known university lectures who deliver world-class education. There are specific courses which are free, but in the certificate courses, you need to pay a certain amount of money.

·      Masterclass

It is the best learning website where you get the chance to learn something new from celebrities and many industry leaders. The Masterclass serves the unique opportunity to meet and interact with well-known artists and leaders. Moreover, there are some payments which you have to give for a subscription.

In comparison to other e-learning, platforms which focus on traditional courses along with challenging courses like computer programming, web designing, Masterclass target different learning style. Masterclass wants its students to be creative and innovative. Go to MasterClass Home Page for further details.

This online platform offers courses like cooking, photography, acting, creative writing, business strategy and leadership, interior designing, and many more. Celebrities of different field take the class. With a MasterClass Annual Membership for only $180 USD, you can learn lots of thing.

Here are the list of few prominent teachers-

·      Lynda

Lynda, which is also similar to LinkedIn, is a learning site where you can interact with so many people at a time. It would help if you did a monthly subscription. You get so many materials to learn and increase your knowledge in different fields. The technological advances have made learning easier through several options such as video-based lectures, PowerPoint presentations, Voice records. Specific courses come with free of cost with this platform.

·      Udacity

It is a newly developed version of Udemy. In Udacity you can do courses for one to four months. Udacity used to offer courses for $199 and now it the amount has drastically increased to $500 per month. The ratings of Udacity is day by day, rising with its glory and relevance.

The students are encouraging themselves to take courses like cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, and many other courses affordable at Udacity. Udacity also offers Nano degrees on different courses like data science, artificial intelligence, school programming, cloud computing, and many more.

Students can choose from this vast pool of career options. After completing the course, students achieve a successful career path. Get up to 75% OFF in Financial Support to advance your career! Apply today to unlock your discount.

·      EdX

The edX is also an alternative, which is a site like Udemy. Leading U.S. universities Harvard and MIT  found  this online platform. This is a non profit online learning platform. You get an opportunity to explore more through a massive number of learning courses in edX. You will get the certificate after completing your course.

Most of the video tutorials are available on YouTube platform, so one can easily download these video tutorials  for watching later. You get the opportunity of doing courses such as engineering in different streams, business management, law, languages, humanities and many more. After completion of courses, you get a certificate from the university or any other institution. This is essential for those who want to learn cost-effectively.

·      Pluralsight

The Pluralsight is a renowned website which is one of the leading learning sites like Udemy. The top educators and professional educators are one who develops your skills by assigning different assignments and test. They prepare students and learners with new strategies and techniques of education. The Pluralsight is the number one website which IT and other software and computer-related subjects.

There are several technologies-based courses such as animation and editing, which are trained by creative professionals. You can also do business courses. The Pluralsight offers free courses, but high-level courses with certification need to be paid.

·      Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers courses such as marketing courses, computer programming, other tutorials for lower and secondary standards, and many more. The khan academy provides well-structured courses at the students ‘ level. The classes are easy to follow the tutorials in both video and textual format.

Students get a user-friendly platform. Parents can also understand the lessons. The students and learners get to know about the concepts in a better way through several technological inputs. Moreover, the classes are done with different assignments and texts which show the ability of the student.

So, if you are interested in doing online courses, then you can register to any of the sites like Udemy which are alternatives of Udemy. These sites have a unique way of teaching and preparing learners for examinations and job interviews. Therefore, the students get the chance to learn unique things on a more advanced platform.