Want to Teach English Abroad? Your 6 steps Guide to Become Successful

Are you planning to teach English Abroad? Do you know the steps you need to follow to live your dream of teaching abroad? You can get the answers to your queries in this article. You will get the complete guide to fulfil your dream and get placement in some popular institutions.

Students with good academic performances throughout and fond of the teaching profession look to get through in some institution to fulfil their wish of teaching. If you are capable, you must not miss this opportunity at any cost. Keep faith in your capabilities and knowledge and leap.

Steps you need to follow to become an English Teacher Abroad

As mentioned above, you need to follow certain steps to get the opportunity to teach English Abroad. The steps will be discussed in this section in detail.

Step 1: Talk to a trusted adviser

You need to get ideas about the measures you need to take to get through all the required stages. This will increase the possibility of becoming English teacher abroad. You must have some preferences too. Talk to a great TELF  institute advisor. They are happy to solve your all quires.

First of all, you must know about the exams you have to pass for going abroad. Along with that the papers required o get the passport and visa. Then prepare yourself for appearing that exam and also short out the required papers. 

If you have a dream destination, reach out the embassy of your chosen country. Collect information on visa processes and emigration. The more information you have, the more conscious you are of this big step.

Your primary objective would be to know what I need to teach English abroad. Along with that, you also need to ensure that your educational qualification is enough to get a job abroad.

Step 2: Choose an appropriate destination

You need to decide the country or region you want to go to do your job. You must look for countries where English is one of the desired subjects among students. There is no limit for great teachers to impart their knowledge across the world.

So, you have plenty of options to choose from if you try to be eligible through TEFL, for example, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and Africa other than Asia. Your target must be to reach the best places to teach English abroad. 

World Top 5 Destinations to Teach English Abroad 

Though you have the opportunity to teach in any corner of the world, some of the places have certain greater opportunities. People consider these destinations to be the best for tutoring jobs. Let’s have a look –


This South American culturally enriched country provides a great opportunity for aspirants looking to get placed as English teachers abroad. The education system is much tolerant here compared to that of the US and Europe. Here students and teachers are friendlier. So, you get a chance to be close enough to the students and get mixed well. At least a degree in graduation and TEFL is compulsory to get placed here.


A place with both culture and geographic beauty, coasts of Mediterranean and Atlantic Seas, Sahara desert, and snowy Atlas make the place a treat to the aspiring teachers. You can explore this gracious place if you get the opportunity to teach English abroad. You need graduation and a TEFL degree here also. From public schools to universities, English is quite an in demand here.


The location of this country is on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula. The demand for English teachers is very high. You get a handsome salary and some extra benefits to enjoy while teaching in this country. You may not have included this in the list of where to teach English abroad. But this is a worthy option you have.


This is another country full of landscapes and plenty of opportunities for teaching English. All schools have the requirement of English teachers, especially in the capital Santiago. You can get a good amount as salary and can save from your expenses.


English teachers are highly in demand in this third-largest economy of Southeast Asia. From schools to language institutions, you can get the chance to teach English with your TEFL degree and enjoy the exotic beaches on weekends.

Step 3: Gather the correct documents

You have to research well to make yourself ready for applying. As you decide the region or country with detailed study to ensure that you will have greater opportunities, you must identify the required documents you will need to produce and start gathering them. If you are planning to teach English abroad without TEFL, you have to leave this plan.

No country is allowing applicants to teach abroad without the results of TEFL. Your passport, visa, all other personal documents should be handy in front of you place before you start applying.

Step 4: Determine what type of job to apply for

A variety of teaching jobs are available worldwide. You have to choose between them as per your capability and opportunities you have once you have decided to Teach English Abroad. You can opt for a school job, or you can join universities with a good package in the public sector. 

In the private sector, business schools are a potential option, and financially they are more rewarding. You need to choose something to apply for that will make you grow in your career. You can browse through the jobs to teach English abroad available online to apply for.

Step 5: Reach out to the TEFL community working abroad

 You cannot leap of faith in 2021, and you have to make sure every detail before you make your move to teach English Abroad. You need to contact the people already settled in some foreign countries and have secured their job after getting through TEFL. Make yourself a part of that community and earn knowledge of how it is going at their end. Get to know about their experiences and how many opportunities you have in the field.

Step 6: Secure an English teaching  job abroad in 2021

With all these facts and details, you are already ready to appear for the interview and secure a handsome join at any countries abroad, earning lots of money and living your dreams. With all the documents ready at your hand, your destination in mind, you have already applied for the desired profile and are getting positive replies; therefore more than half your job is done.

You just need to face them and clear the interview to complete the hiring process. Some institutions prefer to complete the process over online mode and provide you the appointment letter before you leave your country. Your dedication to English gets fulfilled with this success.

Final Words 

Getting information and complete guidelines is beneficial if you have the knowledge and capability to teach English abroad. Then follow the steps one by one. If you can match all the eligibilities, then surely you will secure a place within a year. You should prepare yourself for the level you are applying for besides your academic results.

You can enrol in programs to teach English abroad. If you have cleared all the doubts and have been selected, you must not wait but should accept the opportunity immediately. If you have any more queries regarding this, you can leave a message or comment below. You will get your answers very soon.