The Next Big Thing in Top 10 Classroom Resources For Teachers

Before going to the deep of the topic, let’s just find out the meaning of classroom resources. This is a wide collection of web resources and lessons. Here, we are discussing the top 10 classroom resources for teachers. These are not only for the students but these are equally important for the teachers and the parents of the students.

Here, we try to arrange classroom resources systematically. This helps in the identification of the student’s interest in subjects in a faster manner. Based on the findings, the in-house activities and classroom lesson structure are crafted.

Classroom resources

Classroom resources are a wide range of lessons and online resources for educators in classes, their learners and the families of the learners. The materials are grouped by subject area to help you identify opportunities in your field of interest easily, and then use them to build lesson plans or events at home.

  • Biology
  • Environment
  • Chemistry
  • Antarctic and arctic
  • Engineering
  • Physics
  • Astrophysics and astronomy
  • Mathematics
  • Computing
  • Nanoscience
  • Education
  • Society and people

Now, let’s go through another term ‘educational resources’. In a simpler form, these resources are the supports for education. Further, this can be described as the complementary elements, keys or supports for education.

Educational videos, games, books, activities, news and many more are examples of educational resources. These will help to grow interests in the selected subjects. These will also help to understand the subject in a better way.

Now a day, students, parents, and the teachers are getting the technological support. Several applications and online supports are indispensable as educational resources.

Online school resources

online school resources are the supports for the people who want to pursue their schooling from home. The online schools are offering wide online resources.

They are offering systematic online syllabus for the students and their parents. The offerings ranging from online lessons to different activities, games, experiments and educational videos. These online school resources are enriched supports for the teachers, students, and their parents.

The learning of the students is largely dependent on the teachers and the environment. Then comes the role of the parents for sharpening their skills in education.

That is why knowledgeable teachers are always well-accepted. But the acceptance to the students is also dependent on the friendliness and the way of teaching.

It is the teacher’s efficiency to raise the interest and the involvement of a student in the classes and academic activities.

This student-teacher relationship is largely dependent on the classroom management system and classroom resources for teachers.

Top 10 classroom resources for teachers

Now, we are discussing the top 10 classroom resources for teachers.

1. National Geographic

They are offering such resources in a systematic structure. This structure includes lessons, modules, and activities. These resources are covered by the teachers during class times. These are not time taking but interesting and knowledge-rich.

The units might take a little bit of time. These lessons are enriched with factual knowledge of geographical locations and cultures. These lessons are based on critical thinking, mental maps, and factual knowledge.

2. PhET

The University of Colorado is the initiator of PhET. The teachers can get the best simulating lessons on science, technology, maths, and engineering. At first, they research thoroughly and then structure the simulation accordingly.

The teachers can involve the students through different activities and games. Thus, these lessons become interesting and fun-loving. They intend to make the students understand through discovery, experiments, and explorations.

3. The Stanford History Education Group

They are providing free classroom resources. The materials are for both the teachers and students. These sessions include contextualising, close reading, corroborating and reading strategies. These are done to visualise and understand different critical historical issues in a much simpler manner.

4. Scholastic

They are proving free classroom resources for the teachers. These resources help teachers very much. K-8 teachers especially get maximum benefit. They link the lessons by keeping relevance to the standards.

During the holidays, they offer some curriculum and the lessons are mostly based on important current events.

They uniquely enriched their curriculum by adding whiteboard activities, listen-read activity, book lists, writing lists. Vocabulary, discussion guides, computer labs, planning guides, and graphic organisers.

5. Read Write Think

The National Council of Teachers created the website called Read Write Think. This website provides free support to the teachers about language and reading.

These valuable instructions are free for the teachers. They divide lessons into different assignments. Every assignment is formed with a specific structure ‘theory to practice’.

6. Teaching Tolerance

They provide free material on supplement curriculum and social justice. They build the communities of inclusive and civil schools. Here any students can participate and they are treated equally in the aspects of value, respect, and welcome.

7. EDSITEment

They are providing free materials on different cultures, arts, languages, social and historical issues. They always provide well structured and designed content. The website gives easy access to student tools and interactivities as well as classes.

8. NCTM Illuminations

This NCTM illumination offers to learn and teach mathematics but in a unique way. They offer their guidelines for all standards. They have more than seven hundred plans, hundred activities and thirteen calculation games for the students-teachers interactive sessions.

9. Epic

They are offering easy access to the librarians and teachers. The access is instant. Other than that, they offer leaning videos, e-books, and quizzes.

Teachers can apply the Epic’s whiteboard techniques while teaching. This is effective and interesting for an interactive session.

10. PBS Learning Media

They are offering their materials on science, social science, English and maths. Also, they update their material regularly to keep the lessons interesting and effective for the teachers and students. For the best interest of the student’s, they always modify and update the real-world resources and current affairs.

Classroom resources for teachers are essentially required. Efficient teachers can only maintain classroom management students. They can increase the interest and involvement of the students effectively. You can choose from the list of top 10 classroom resources for teachers according to your requirement. See the difference.