World 10 tempting Top Accredited Online MBA Programs for 2020 you can not miss

In this article, we will discuss the top accredited online MBA programs. Before going to the details, first, we need to understand what accreditation is and why it is important. Accreditation of MBA programs from reputed organizations represents the quality or standard of that business programs.

The accreditation ensures the quality of teaching, course curriculum, students, services, and faculties. The top accredited online MBA programs are gaining popularity faster than the traditional MBA programs. The most attractive characteristic of this online MBA program is its flexibility.

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The professionals can also pursue an MBA degree along with their jobs. To get a better job position, professionals generally pursue these accredited online MBA programs. The accreditation matters when the recruiters are hiring or promoting. If the interviewee pursues an accredited MBA program, that candidate will be respected the same as a traditional MBA degree holder.

Top Accredited Online MBA Programs

All online MBA programs share the same value

The candidates need to judge the online MBA courses before joining. They need to be specific about what they are looking for and what is offered by the online MBA programs. Another thing they need to look for whether the online MBA course is accredited or not. Employers mostly prefer the candidates earned their online MBA degree accredited by AACSB.


Benefits of top accredited online MBA programs

  • Affordability: One of the most important criteria for selecting the online MBA programs is its affordability. The traditional MBA programs are costly. The online MBA programs offer the course curriculum ranging from five thousand US dollars to ten thousand US dollars yearly. There are also courses available with a yearly fee of fifty thousand US dollars. Before selecting an accredited online MBA program, you need to go through its fee structure properly.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is one of the major benefits of accredited online MBA programs. People who are already become part of corporates, they usually prefer the online MBA courses. In the case of online MBA programs, the candidates can schedule the sessions according to their convenience. These programs are mostly focused on the convenience of the candidates. So the employees or family persons can join and continue the online course curriculum easily. Completion of such degree programs provides extra benefits to crawl on the promotional ladder of the employees. Online MBA successors can earn a healthy amount of money through the internet.
  • Diverse: Candidates are participating in the online MBA program across the globe. The faculties are also from different reputed backgrounds. So this platform provides a better and diversified culture of experiences. Participants can adopt different cultures and experiences other than theoretical aspects.
  • Technology: Accredited online MBA programs provide opportunities for understanding different modern days business technologies to the candidates. The modern day’s updated technologies will help to meet the personal needs of every candidate. These technologies will help to maintain the compatibility among the busy schedule of the candidates and course curriculum.

Different interactive tools for better educational experiences

  • Online meeting apps such as Join. I and Voice Thread are beneficial for both the faculties and candidates to catch up on a real-time basis. These are also useful for feedback and presentation sessions.
  • Students can access, edit, and share different files through Google Docs. They can access the same files at the same time by sitting in different places. This is extremely beneficial for the group presentation for the candidates sitting in different parts of the world.
  • Sakai helps to obtain course material, homework, and see the grades and feedback from the faculties.
  • Yammer is helpful to the candidates in communicating with staff, other MBA candidates, and alumni.

Technological fluency along with the educational background is essentially helpful to get success in the job world

  • Choice: The choice of universities for pursuing traditional MBA programs are limited. The choices of Universities are unlimited in the case of online MBA programs. As the numbers are more, the course curriculum is also much competitive than the traditional MBA programs. Candidates have wide opportunities to sharpen their skills to get better future job opportunities and salaries.
  • Global: The online MBA program gaining popularity across the globe for the last ten years. The reputed online MBA programs offer international business platforms. Few schools develop satellite campuses in different countries. Candidates and the faculties are joining to that platform from different parts of the world. So this facilitates a global mix of different cultures and experiences. These will always be beneficial for the future job world.
  • Accreditation: Accreditation of online MBA programs from reputed organizations represent the quality or standard of that business programs. The accreditation ensures the quality of teaching, course curriculum, students, services, and faculties. The accreditation matters when the recruiters are hiring or promoting. If the interviewee pursues an accredited MBA program, that candidate will be respected the same as a traditional MBA degree holder.

What is the value of accredited online MBA programs?

Previously, the employers prefer the traditional MBA degree holders over the online MBA degree holders. Now, the employers are shifting their judgmental attitude towards the online MBA degree holders. The advancements and the global exposure in the online MBA programs help to change their mind while recruiting. If the interviewee earned an online MBA degree from accredited organizations, they get privileges in the interview sessions. Different studies show that online MBA degree holders are much more well equipped, skilled, and proficient than the traditional MBA degree holders.

Online MBA students get a better global platform, exposure, and practical experiences during the course sessions. Here the traditional MBA courses are lagging. According to a recent research result (was held in the US) establishes that online learning quality is much more effective than the traditional campus-based institutions. That is why the value of the accredited online MBA programs is considered the same as the traditional MBA programs or even better than the traditional one.

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List of 10 Online MBA Program for 2020 in the world

Top Accredited Online MBA Programs

The popularity and the demand for accredited online MBA programs increased significantly for the last 5 years. Only in the US, three hundred business schools are offering online MBA courses to global candidates.

U C Davis and Michigan University started their iMBA program with only 114 numbers of students. Last year the number raised to two thousand online students.

Though Tepper Business School lost its top position for the last few years, last year they regained its top ranking. The ranking of Poet and Qantas is most reliable for the candidates before joining the accredited online MBA courses.

Indiana University’s online MBA course has lifted one position this year.

California University’s Marshall Business School holds the third position last year.

Lehigh University’s Business course is in the fourth position. It was in the 6th position two years back and was in 5th position in a year back.

‘Kenan-Flager Business School‘ of North Carolina University is performing well in the online MBA programs and gaining better rankings in the last few years.

Isenberg Management School of Amherst-Massachusetts University is in the sixth position.

The Foisie School followed by the Isenberg Management School and holds the current position is at 7.

Last year, Herbert Business College held the ranking of number two but this year it has slipped down to number eight. Nebraska-Lincoln University slipped down to ninth position from the eighth ranking.

Saunder’s Business College shows a big jump to the 10th position from the twenty-second position.

Ranking criteria for top accredited online MBA programs

Schools are ranked based on 3 different categories. They are academic quality and experience, the career opportunities of the graduates, and the admission standard. The admission standards further consider the average GPA in the recent undergraduate program, acceptance rate, average working experience, and scores of GRE and GMAT.

The students are enrolled according to their admission scores and ranking to the top-ranked online MBA programs offered by reputed universities.

The quality and experience of the academic programs are based on eleven different questions based on knowledge and the availability of faculties, teamwork of the participants, and program flexibility.

Career opportunities for top accredited online MBA programs

The career opportunities are measured by different surveys. The survey committee asked the graduates whether they got their corporate job positions or not. The committee also asks the graduates whether they got the promotions or salary rise after the completion of the accredited online MBA programs. Then the committee checks the qualities of mentors or coaches who train candidates to pursue the courses.

Name of the business schoolsRanking 2020Ranking 2019Admission finalScore (Final)Career (Total)A score of total experienceCost (US Dollar)
Tepper Business School (University of Carnegie Mellon)14Hundred100Approx. 97


Approx. 99137,200
Kelley online Business Course (Indiana University)23Eighty-six point two fiveApprox. 92Approx. 95Approx. 9574,520
Marshall’s business School (Southern California University)31Eighty-nine point eight twoApprox. 89100Approx. 89106,197
Lehigh University45Eighty-eight point six threeApprox. 88Approx. 92Approx. 9039,600
Kenan-Flager School of Business (North Carolina University of Chapel Hill)56Eighty-seven point six fiveApprox. 87Approx. 96Approx. 95125,589
Isenberg Management School (Amherst-Massachusetts University)613Eight-seven point zero three87Approx. 89Approx. 8335,983
Foisie School (Worchester Polytechnic)7NReighty-six point three sevenApprox. 86Approx. 95Approx. 9075,168
Harbert Business College (Auburn University)82Eighty-six point one four86Approx. 93Approx. 8535,100
Nebraska-Lincoln University98Eighty-three point six threeApprox. 83Approx. 89Approx. 8430,240
Saunders Business College1022Eighty point one sixApprox. 80Approx. 9810078,000

Anyone can pursue other option as well

Top Accredited Online MBA Programs


The students who earned their online MBA degree from accredited and well-reputed institutions are valued and hired gladly by the recruiters. As the candidates and faculties join different parts of the world with different cultures, the candidates can gain wide international experiences and cultural mix.

This proves beneficial in different corporate cultures. These online MBA courses are much affordable and flexible than campus-based MBA programs. That is why these online programs are gaining popularity along with time globally. The employees and family persons can also join such courses because of flexibility and affordability. Top accredited online MBA programs help to sharpen the skills of the candidates to get success in the corporate world.