Is Udacity Nanodegree worth it? Explore The Hidden Truth

In today’s fast-paced generation, learning in class has no longer a necessity. You only need to choose the right choice among so many online learning options. Here comes Udacity nanodegree, which helps to explore the ins and outs of online learning. 

There is no surprise in establishing the fact that cross-skilling and upskilling have actual values in professional life. As degrees offered in colleges are becoming less important, the value of online education has enormously increased over some time; especially mock tests are getting more popular, which has made e-learning quite advantageous.

Here, you will come to know some essential facts about the Udacity nanodegree and its platform, which will help you guess whether it is the right platform for you and your career

So, now, let’s study all these facts in brief –

What is this Udacity?

Udacity is an educational organization that offers MOOCs. It provides free classes of computer science courses, which are provided through a renowned Stanford University. Please note here that Udacity nanodegree free provides immense advantages to students to choose the right computer course. 

The company offers advanced and cutting-edge Udacity nanodegree courses with a built-in partnership with some reputed and visionary companies such as Facebook and Google. Their course covers entrepreneurship to web design. 

Udacity nanodegree review explains the volumes of these courses, the flagship nanodegree programs that help set a standard in the industry. 

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What is Udacity nanodegree?

The course
Udacity nanodegree is a bit challenging but completely worth it. By pursuing this degree, one can surely avail of several advantages. These courses help establish an intricate balance between two important things – one is self-learning, and the other is instruction. It gives you the tools to practice and also understand at the same time gives you the access to apply your thinking. 

These nanodegree courses are more focused on in-demand skills, which are highly required in technology specifically. These courses comprise video courses, projects, and various types of tasks that help make this helpful online education

As per reports, presently, these online courses have more than 8 million learners worldwide. Leaders in the industry like- Google, Facebook, AT&T, Salesforce, GitHub, and many more collaborates and appreciates these Udacity Nanodegree programmes.

How does this Udacity nanodegree work?

To be specific about Udacity nanodegree review, it can be said that while choosing an Udacity nanodegree program, you are actually choosing a career option. In reality, it actually offers a path to establish a bright career. All you have to do is to choose a nanodegree course which is interesting from their long list of offered courses. 

Follow these steps-

  • Select your Nanodegree programme
  • Start getting immediate assistance and reviews
  • Become a member of  a wonderful community
  • Earn a degree with valuable and important credentials
  • Go for your dream job, build a successful career. Rock!

How to choose a useful course on Udacity?

Choosing a suitable nanodegree program is the most important task. This is because you are not looking for a company you want to work for; rather, you are searching for a nanodegree course to help you make a future career.

Therefore, choosing a nanodegree program is not about following a position or a company but choosing a personal development course that will build a strong and prospective career. 

If you would like to establish yourself as a successful programmer or a web designer, you have to choose a powerful nanodegree course to help you achieve your goals. There may be students who wonder how to choose the right nanodegree course for becoming a successful programmer. 

You need to look at the programming courses offered at Udacity nanodegree carefully. In this way, you will take the uncertainties out and help you focus more on your work or what you would like to achieve in your career. 

Udacity nanodegree cost

Udacity has more than 200 courses, which are offered free. However, it does not provide a certificate. On the other hand, Udacity nanodegrees are paid, and it costs $399 per month. You can pay the whole amount at a time to receive a discount. Few Udacity nanodegree programs are also free. 

Udacity offers instalment options as well, such as Master Card and PayPal. If you want, you can pay on an instalment basis as well. Check here for financial support

Top Udacity nanodegree Program Cost & Duration

Business Analytics6 months$2154
Data Engineer5 months$1795
Data Visualization4 months$1436
Cloud Developer4 months$1436
Java Developer4 months$1436
Data Structures and Algorithms4 months$1436
Introduction to Machine Learning3 months$1077
Programming for Data Science with R3 months$1077

Blockchain Developer

4 months$1436

AI programming with Python

3 months$1077

Robotics Software Engineer

4 months$1436

Digital Marketing

3 months$1077

Choosing Udacity nanodegree course

Give as much time as possible to choose the right educational program. By doing so, you will guarantee that you will get your worth of money. 

How one can start a course on Udacity?

After going through the courses offered by Udacity nanodegree and choose one as per your interest, you can enrol in a course. Once you register in it, it will start automatically. They have a support team as well, which provides help in establishing seamless communication. Therefore when you enrol in a course, you will be immediately connected to the whole team. 

This communication process goes on until you submit your first project, and from that moment, you can give in-depth, personal, and timely reviews for your work. These have been designed in such a way that you can provide actionable and valuable feedback.  

  • All set to start the course

When you start an online course on Udacity, you will gradually experience an onboarding process. During the procedure, you can prepare yourself for an upcoming examination. This phase is very important to give your best in the examination. It incorporates the following points such as –

  • Reviewing the schedule
  • Filling out a questionnaire
  • Preparing an individual plan
  • Setting exam updates

All these things are included in this program so that you can take proper advantage of it. In fact, for all these reasons, Udacity Onboarding is considered to be the best among all types of online learning platforms

  • Projects on Udacity

As you start experiencing the courses on Udacity, you can take a rest from time to time. The exams come at the end of the complete learning process. Moreover, they fill in an approach in order to guarantee that you can comprehend the exercise materials properly. While completing projects on Udacity, you can receive master guide support. It will help you analyse each and every aspect of the exercise. 


  • Getting the certificate of Udacity 

To get a valid certificate from Udacity, you have to fulfil the following requirements such as 

  • Passing the course, you have chosen to study
  • Complete the task which is assigned during the evaluation process

Udacity not only provides direct communication with the mentors and instructors, but you can also get connected with the other users – with a community of millions. These people can easily interact in forums. The best part is that almost all people of Udacity are eager to render their assistance to the students so that they don’t face many difficulties in accomplishing the course.

Get to know about credentials 

After you selected a course on Udacity nanodegree, you can receive the credentials that you require. The project-oriented and skill-based curriculum are considered valid credentials if you excel in all these. You have to show that you have mastered the project and completed the course.  

Some ongoing partnerships are also going on with major corporations in order to ensure that all graduates can avail good job opportunities from top technology-based organizations. 

Udacity nanodegree reviews show a positive rating. Some people think that the quality of education between a paid degree and a free degree is different. But this is not the truth in reality. 

You can always receive a good quality education from any course, but the only difference is that you don’t get peer support or mentor support with free courses. It is important to note here that you have to pay a certain amount of fee for getting mentor support. 


Is Udacity nanodegree worth it?

Some people may ask if Udacity is worth it. Though Udacity has positive reviews, if you wish to know an authentic assessment, you have to look out for someone’s personal experience, such as students or users who have been a part of this Udacity nanodegree program.

The quality of the content at this platform is very high, and their MOOC tests are also different from others. Their offered courses have a lot of depth. Moreover, over the years, the quality of the content has improved a lot, and therefore, one does not need to find a professional for choosing a Nanodegree course.

Quality of Udacity Teachers

The Udacity teachers are highly skilled and active professionals. They have many years of experience in this field, and therefore, you can expect to avail the best quality teaching from their end. They also have a solid technical background, and they are keen to enlighten their students with knowledge that helps them to achieve success in their lives. 

Final Words

These are some important facts to know about Udacity nanodegree. After completing this degree, one can surely expect to avail a respectable job in the technical field. Their offered courses have in-depth study materials that will help you establish a promising career in any kind of technical domain. The best part of this course is that it is absolutely free. 

FAQs related to Udacity Nanodegree Program 

Can Udacity Nanodegree get you job?

Some of the best organisations in the world hire Udacity graduates after they complete a Nanodegree programme from the online university.

You can get a Nanodegree by working on projects and learning new skills. Students gain practical experience and learn valuable skills as a result of participating in internships and other experiential learning opportunities.

Many individuals believe that Nanodegree programmes will be important in the future of online education. Students can benefit greatly from them in a variety of ways.

World top companies like Accenture, IBM, Google, Amazon, AT&T, Bosch, Capgemini, Deloitte, Infosys and Microsoft are hiring nanodegree graduates.

Among all the Udacity nanodegree program, top 5 performing nanodegree are-

  • Data Analyst
  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Software Engineer

There are a lot of ways to learn new skills that will help you achieve your professional goals. Sign up now.

Is Udacity Nanodegree free?

Udacity’s Nanodegree programme is a project- and skill-based educational certificate that can assist you in getting hired. This type of online instructional programme is well worth the investment. This is an excellent method of education. It cannot always be free.

Following that, individuals can sign up for a month of free access to any of the nanodegree programmes. To begin, you must pay the first instalment 30 days after your enrolment date.

Purchase a multi-month bundle and receive one month free, as well as a 50% discount on the bundle. Discount will be automatically applied.

What are the benefits of a Udacity Nanodegree program?

There are lots of benefits one can get by perusing Udacity Nanodegree program. Few of them are as follows-

1) Your degree will make you more employable.

2) You get a project timeline, study plan, and mentor support every step of the way.

3) Earn some money back as a student by building real-world projects with companies.

Besides all these, Nanodegree programs often have a high job placement rate.