Have you ever wondered what would have happened to your career if your finance didn’t support you and you ended up getting no job?  Well, no more. Udacity Scholarship is here to help you out from that very mess that too at sheer ease. You don’t need to submit the documents or results of the past examinations you have appeared for. 

All you need to do is to check your eligibility for the scholarship program you are applying for. You would be placed for such programs for the skills that you would portray. The choice of the programs is in your hands. Udacity Scholarship is just here to nourish those very skills that you have and make you prepare for the job.

We just need your consent to receive for your own good.


Why is Udacity Scholarship the right choice for you?

Their answer is here.

Udacity offers millions and millions of Scholarships to those who would be later recruited for jobs. There are ample collaborations with our industry, and together we come to offer such scholarship programs. We are an increasingly digital community waiting for our scholarship recipients to join us and develop our content. 

Udacity Nanodegree programs represent challenge courses giving away full nanodegree scholarships, and we hire many of our program graduates. Our Industry partners include Bertelsmann, Google, and many more!


Udacity is not an accredited university, and they don’t confer traditional degrees. They are a part of marketing communications, and their nanodegree programs represent collaborations. Explore with us!

Bertelsmann Scholarship of Technology (A General Overview):

If you are a tech-geek, this scholarship is the right choice for you!

You will get to make yourself enlightened with the class apart curriculum either today or right from tomorrow, by improving yourself every day with the courses that we teach that are of utmost value. Next, when would you be done with your course, Bertelsmann, who helps us develop our content and who hires our students, who know you would be their next?

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to experience a brand-new career-turn!

Machine Learning Program for the Scholarship of Microsoft Azure

Are you a Machine Learning Engineer? Looking for ways to pave the way through the industry? Guess what! We are always here to help you out.

On that note, what would be our thoughts on you?

  • Upskill.
  • Demonstrate.
  • Advance.

Unable to figure out what is being talked about?

Let’s make it easy.

More details about the Scholarship Program:

You need to submit an application using the link provided on the homepage of this Scholarship Program. After the applications are being reviewed, candidates will be selected for a coding test considering him/her to be a beginner. This is the turning point!

You will be given 5 weeks to explore more about Machine Learning, right from making models till deploying them. If you are a master in coding at any language, this scholarship is meant for you. You will then become a part of the Nanodegree program beautifully designed and Sherly made by none other than Microsoft.

300 students would be chosen, and the eligibility criteria here include good grip in coding in Python, Statistics, and Mathematics. Precisely-Algebra. Also, you need to be at least 18 or more to go for this. We hereby welcome you to apply!

Here goes a gentle reminder!

Udacity Scholarship by Bertelsmann is now available! We would be giving away 15,000 Scholarships for students with a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computation, or Data Science that includes Deep Learning too!  This is to be provided for about 3 years where we will teach you how to become a professional with the utmost skills in Technology.

Sounds interesting! But how would you go for this?

All you have to do is there would be two stages. Firstly, it’s totally upon you of whatsoever you would choose amongst the three courses- Introduction of Azure Applications, Introduction of Solving Problems with Advanced Analytics, and Introduction of Business Intelligence. You will get a total nanodegree scholarship for your very own program; you have opted for it.

But how many of them would really get this?

Just 1,600. When you become a graduate, your career will take a turn as Bertelsmann is going to hire you as soon as you finish this course.

How exciting! Isn’t it? It’s just the journey for you where Udacity is going to make you reach your destination!

Remember. Yet again, you need to be at least about 18 years to apply for the scholarship program.

For the workers- Udacity US Scholarship

America is having a tough time dealing with the innumerable deaths post COVID-19. But who cares about their workers, right? We are here to make a pledge of helping them out by giving away 5,000 scholarships naming it a challenge scholarship, and 1,000 scholarships are indeed a part of our nanodegree program to whosoever passes its eligibility criteria.

If you are a US Resident who has been already settling in the US or a citizen out there with an age of 18+, rather than having work that is permissible with utmost validity, you really don’t need to look back for jobs.

We are here to hire you even if you are not at all experienced in work. It’s just that good computer skills would just work fine for us!

Learn with Google!

Do you wish to become a Web Developer or an Android Developer?

Udacity and Google have the perfect choice for you!

The Google Scholarship Program for the Developers believes in you for your very own:

  • Support.
  • Opportunity.
  • Beginning.

You just need to give away the portfolio project that you would prepare for the job interview, be it Android Development or Web Development; the skills you so portrayed will make you end up getting a job.

Working with Google is just a dream for some that become a reality for the rest!


  • You can only win our scholarships once.
  • You must submit the application before the deadlines.
  • Though we are giving away scholarships, we won’t bear your extra expenses.
  • You will get a single scholarship only once.
  • What we provide is final, and we won’t take it back from you!
  • You are expected to provide absolute details with no clichés.
  • Once you win, your name will appear in the selected list itself.
  • WE won’t give away rewards to those who would violate our rules and regulations.
  • The ones who work with us, you really need not to apply for this anymore.
  • WE won’t be into any relationships or partnerships with our candidates though we are offering such programs.


Feel free to get back to us before 30 days.

Let’s see what our CEO, Mr. Gabe Dalporto has to say-

It is all about the manpower of this powerful world whose motive is to upskill and keep doing so (in his own words) even though the pandemic has devastated numerous lives of the people. 

Keeping aside all the obstacles before you, we wish you a very GOOD LUCK!