University of Houston Master’s Programs Making Miracles Have A Look

After completing undergraduate programs, you can enrol for University of Houston master’s programs to achieve excellence ahead in the academic career. Be the part of the university having a glorious past of almost 100 years.

Being an alumnus of the University of Houston is always a matter of pride. The University of Houston master’s programs are well known for research, development and other academic excellence. Student’s organizations are pioneer in the art and cultural activities. Therefore, the University of Houston has magnificent campus spreading in over 500 acres in one of the largest cities of the USA. Moreover, its location gives additional benefits to students who want to pursue research or internship opportunities.

Therefore, the campus is known for world-class research infrastructure. Moreover, its students are involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. We all know their football and basketball team all across the world at the inter-university championship. Moreover, the University of Houston takes great pride in producing several alumni renowned at the global level.

Masters Programs in the University of Houston

The curriculum of the University of Houston master’s programs semester is renowned for research and community initiatives. Therefore, the University of Houston offers a wide variety of programs in all the department. Let’s have a look at-

Master of Science and Engineering/Technology

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Atmosphere Science
  • Biomedical science
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Geophysics
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Material Science
  • Petroleum Engineering

Other Master Programs

  •  World cultures and Lite
  •  Theatre and Acting
  •  Masters in Business Administration
  •  Sociology
  •  Space Architecture
  •  Pharmacy
  •  Political Science
  •  Law
  •  Health communication
  •  Finance
  •  Architecture
  •  Economics

This list is not exhaustive and shows only some notable master’s degree programs. Therefore, you can enrol in any of the programs to get master degrees. However, it depends upon your undergraduate course to match eligibility to fit to pursue a particular course.

The University of Houston has 15 schools and colleges with almost 200 graduate programs. Students may also opt out for online special degree programs, accelerated courses and dual degrees also. The University of Houston also provides 32 fully accredited online graduate degrees.

Fees of The University of Houston

The fee of the University of Houston master’s programs of the university depends upon department, course, and the residence status. Thus, the cumulative figure is the addition to tuition and consolidated fees, student service fee, university center fee, and recreation and wellness center fee. Therefore, the tuition fees are a major part among all.

However, it is estimated that for out-of-state tuition and fees are 26936 USD and for in-state tuition and fees are 11276 USD in the year 2019-2020. Therefore, there are several scholarship schemes for both in-state and out-of-state students.

Graduate and qualified students can fund their college at Houston University with several alternatives. Bursaries, grants, work studies and loan aid provide support for students. Moreover, there are waivers in fee for the summer program. Hence, check the website and calculate the fee for the master degrees with the help of the calculator available at the website.

Admission requirements

After choosing the subject of your interest, you need to submit your graduate application. Therefore, the following are the important factors to keep in mind while applying for the University of Houston master’s programs.


While submitting for the application, you need to have assembled test scores, official transcript, and any additional documents required for the particular course.

Therefore, the documents required, eligibility criteria, and the deadline vary based on the program you are going to apply for.

There are separate links for online application for professional courses like law, nursing, Pharmacy, etc.

Transcript and Degree Certificate

At the time of application, you can upload the scanned copy of the transcript. Moreover, you must show an official copy at the time of admission. Without these, you may not be eligible for admission.

Moreover, for international students, after receiving acceptance, official transcript and degree certificates must be sent directly to the University of Houston in the sealed envelope and having the stamp of the issuing university.

Test Score

Undergraduate students must qualify them like GRE, GMAT, etc. The type of test and the score requirements depend upon the program you choose. Therefore, you must refer to the university website to know the score requirements for a particular course and academic year.

Therefore, the testing agency must send these test scores.

For international students, they must qualify for the English proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL. The testing agency to the University of Houston must directly send the score. Therefore, it is important to note that the university doesn’t accept any electronic forms of the test certificate.


After successful completion of the master’s degree, you have tremendous opportunities in the research and development filed. Hence, you can also opt for a doctoral degree.

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