Top 11 Websites Like Khan Academy For A Free Online Course

With the right knowledge, anyone can be an expert at anything. But not everyone has the time to pursue a degree and for some, it just isn’t financially feasible. There are many free learning websites like Khan Academy that offer free courses and lectures on pretty much any topic imaginable, not just in education.

Advanced technologies opened all new gateways of educational opportunities. Previously, people mostly dependent on traditional ways of learning. Those ways were limited to books. Learning new things was difficult for those people. Now a day, different online courses and programs make the knowledge exploration easy and available for everyone. If you are eager to learn new aspects, there are a large number of online websites like khan academy are available.

They provide a series of relevant online courses to sharpen your previous skills and let you know a wide range of information. You might face a dilemma for selecting the online program or course as its availability is uncountable. This article will guide you to choose the best online courses by discussing the top 10 similar websites like khan academy for free online courses.

People are very much busy nowadays with their schedules, but they are also eager to learn for their betterment in job positions and lifestyles. For them, online courses are ideal for learning. Because they can join the online classes according to their convenient time and daily schedule. The advanced technologies give a wide variety of knowledge with a single click. You can access several good quality educational sites at no cost.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

This institute is one of the pioneer academies in the online education industry. The learning experience is fantastic. The main aim is to provide a world-class education to everybody anywhere.

Specific Goal

They have a particular goal in personalized education. A million students practice at their own pace, initially filling gaps and then accelerating their learning. Students can learn subjects like maths, computer programming, arts, humanities, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, and many more. Learning to code becomes very much more accessible to students.

Quality of trust

Developed by professionals, Khan Academy’s trusty library includes mathematics, grammar, physics, history, SAT ®, and many more, and vastly simplifies the curriculum and courses. To both teachers and students, it is all free.

Devices to inspire teachers

In Khan Academy, teachers will recognize differences in their students’ knowledge and skills and respond to each student’s needs.

Video source: Khan Academy

List of top 11 websites like Khan Academy

Now we are discussing alternatives to khan academy. These education platforms are selected to differ based on website traffic and popularity. It would help if you went through the article to choose the best suited online academy for you.

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Lynda is a popular, well-accepted, and trusted website for those interested in sharpening their creativity, technology, and business skills. is considered to be the pioneer in this online educational industry. This was established in 1995.

LinkedIn has owned this website. This website provides five different language options for the tutorials.

You need to subscribe to get access to their video library. The user will enjoy the free entry to the website and access that for thirty days.

They need to do the sign up to continue the accessibility. You can get the tutorials on software development, business development, marketing, photography, and many other subjects. This online platform is one of the best for visual learning. If you are fascinated with visual learning, you will get find other better options than

For more detailed information, please click here, Lynda.

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website like khan academy

This is also a vast and popular online platform for learning. Leading experts are delivering the lesson on different subjects. They offer fifty-five thousand courses on various standard and unique topics. They offer free online courses also for the benefits of the students.

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This website delivers both paid and free courses to make the e-learning process popular. The student can select customized courses for their convenience. Other than the website (, mobile apps are also available to access the tutorials easily. The paid courses are available at a cost from nine US dollars to five hundred US dollars. This website is also famous for giving a wise discount for its users.

For more detailed information, please click here, Udemy.
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This website has a comprehensive e-learning platform across the globe. This organization is linked to many international organizations and universities to deliver fresh corporate experience and world-class educational standards to their students. They often include Michigan University, Stanford University, Pennsylvania University, etc.

They offer a wide range of e-courses, from musical theory to data science. You need to click on your convenient option and get the free course details for that selection. They offer almost 100 free courses to access. They also offer a mobile app for easy and quick access. You can get a course completion certificate at the end of the course.

For more detailed information, please click here, Coursera.

You can also read the comparison between these two platforms in the below link.

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They offer high-quality free online courses across the globe. This website possesses around ten million e-student throughout the world. You can get free tutorials on technology, health, business, languages, and designs. You can get eight hundred course options under each selection of subjects. The learning experience is different.

This website provides both diploma and degree certifications or equivalent level courses. The students have to pass each assessment with eighty percent. The course materials they provide are incredibly beneficial for the certified and essential workplace skills.

For more detailed information, please click here, Alison.

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This educational website is an online non-profit platform. MIT and Harvard University jointly founded this website in 2012. This website offers standard quality tutorials for better learning and teaching. They offer tutorials on computer science, engineering, psychology, different languages, data science, business management, and other subjects on humanity’s background.

It would help if you chose the online subject option for joining eDX e-academy. They provide accomplishment certificates at the end of the session. With this online platform, the world’s best university and renowned school are attached. Educators from these institutes take online classes.

For more detailed information, please click here eDX.


The tagline of this organization is “Learn new skills online with top educators.”

This an Open University extension. They offer the courses linked with leading organizational partners and educational institutions. Also, they provide full-term courses with extensive learning materials. They include a wide variety of courses in their full programs.

They also have free wings to deliver free tutorials for all students. The tutorial includes literature, arts, business, law, history, media, study skills, teaching, and other free offerings. You can access the sessions according to your convenience from mobiles and computers. This website includes the social learning aspect of their courses. Here the students can communicate with each other during the sessions. Embrace blended learning with the University of Leeds – Start your 7-day free trial. Sign-up Now

For more detailed information, please click here FutureLearn.

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UDACITY - websites like Khan Academy

This e-platform offers cheaper cost learning than the traditional academies. They focus on the three principal aspects, such as persuasive, accessible, and affordable higher education internationally. Their online tutorials will help you get a good job or a better promotion in your current job.

They crafted the course curriculum by focusing on the technologies. They offer courses on Android, data science, iOS, software engineering, and web development. You will get the most trusted, structured, and systematic technology related to e-learning opportunities.

Udacity is also now offering a special discount on their online course due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more detailed information, please click here Udacity.

   Stanford Online:

They offer session-based and self-paced online courses. These courses provide limited but high-quality tutorials and courses to their students. They offer the session at no cost. The accessibility is entirely free for the users.

This institute offers

  • One year program,
  • Full-time or Part-time online,
  • Nine courses are offered, grades are given on a pass or fail basis,
  • In the end, professional certificates are issued from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

For more detailed information, please click here at Stanford online.


They provide free e-courses on coding. They follow the fast pace to deliver their tutorials to their students. The students can learn how to write the proper codes for developing interactive websites using functional programming languages.

They offer sessions on JavaScript, Python, Ruby, jQuery, PHP, etc. you can monitor the Codecademy dashboard’s progress. You can join different language groups and can ask course-related help from the members of those groups.

After completing courses from here, the students work at IBM, Facebook, Bloomberg, HUGE, Google, and many more world-leading social media organizations.

For more detailed information, please click here Codecademy

   Academic earth:

They offer a wide variety of e-courses to the users. They showcase the courses on their website by school names and subjects. Thus you can get easy access to find your desired course. In 2009, they developed the first series of free online courses from the world’s best university.

This organization offers free online courses on business, computer & IT, criminal justice, education, health, nursing, library arts, etc. They offer classes from the world’s best universities like Berklee College of Music, California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Cornell University, etc.

For more detailed information, please click here Academic Earth.

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TED-Ed is an online platform where you can get educational videos on a wide range of topics on different subjects. Children get inspired to learn from this website TED’s (Technology, Education, and Design). Videos are mainly made for kids and high school students. High school students get plenty of knowledge from here.

Through high-quality video and a comprehensive revamped curriculum, TED-Ed is a fantastic resource for kids looking for knowledge, motivation, and fun. Your kids can learn a different language, maths, social studies, and arts. By registering (free) on this website, educators can also customize and share these videos as lesson plans in their classes. This is an open platform.

For more detailed information, please click here, TED-Ed.


Nowadays, online education and online learning have become a trend. Online learning will be one of the effective methods of the learning process.

Khan academy is a trendy website for online learning and education. They have a wide range of courses.

Not only the Khan academy but there are also several Websites like Khan Academy that offer better and easy accessibility to the learning process.

You can access the websites and continue the learning process according to your convenience. In this article, the top 10 websites for a free online course other than khan academy. As the availability of e-academy is vast, you might become confused about selecting the right choice. This article will help you in choosing the right option for e-academy.

Frequently Ask Questions About Khan Academy

What Is the Best Websites like Khan Academy for Math?

When Students Searching sites similar to khan academy to learn math then they should remember Khan academy offers completely free personalised math training materials which includes, notes, online video tutorials, exercise to make you knowledgeable about Math. Alternatively you can also check YouTube university, IXL, maths for Fun and many other sites. For more information, check here!

Which is the best online learning site?

Udemy is the finest site to learn language, arts, music, and fitness classes, as well as programming and IT, business skills, teaching, and productivity. Skillshare is the best online platform for improving your creative skills. If you want to learn music, cuisine, acting, yoga, and creative leadership from the top teachers, Masterclass is the place to be. Get your MasterClass Annual Membership starting at $180 USD only!

Coursera provides the top college courses taught by real professors and universities at a fraction of the cost of an online degree. The platform collaborates with over 200 colleges and businesses to create authentic learning experiences that can lead to real-world benefits.

Tech talents are the most in demand right now. Udacity provides the greatest technology courses in all of the most sought-after industries.

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