What Can You Do with a Kinesiology Degree~Exciting Opportunities

Stress affects everyone’s health. Be it work, social life, and other activities which we perform daily. In trying to meet our daily chores, we often forget to take some time off to relax our body and mind. Kinesiology Degree will help you in that aspect.

 It’s the story of everyone in this modern age. And with the looks of it, this condition is less likely to go away anytime soon.

Fortunately, with the help of a Kinesiology degree, YOU, as an individual, can make a big difference. In this post, you will learn what Kinesiology is and what you can do with a kinesiology degree!

So, read closely!

The Study of Kinesiology – Overview & Its Objectives!

Kinesiology is a scientific study of the human body movements which helps identify the impact of stress and other physical activity on community health. This field of health education includes subjects like –

  • Exercise science
  • Exercise physiology
  • Athletic training
  • And fitness leadership

Its respective students learn to combine the principles of psychology, biomechanics, and anatomy with holistic approaches. And together, they work to improve and cure the physical movements among their patients.

This unique stream of physical education is fast growing in demand and popularity. And respective students with a Kinesiology degree can easily apply in various fields of health care, fitness, recreation, and sports.

Students of Kinesiology, Through Their Knowledge and Skills, Look to Achieve These Main Objectives –

  • Promoting relaxation
  • Improving body posture and alignment
  • Bettering joint mobility
  • Improving muscle strength and muscular endurance
  • Preparing effective exercise training
  • Correcting body balance, coordination, and control
  • And imparting respiratory and sensory re-education

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the study of Kinesiology entails, it’s time to discuss What Can You Do with a Kinesiology Degree

Kinesiology work field

Students with a graduate degree or with kinesiology majors can look into these following specializations.

  • Kinesiology & Physical Therapy – Graduates with specialization in physical therapy and kinesiology practices can help patients keep their physical and mental health intact. And they look to achieve that through numerous therapeutic recovery exercises, reflexotherapy, body massages, and lymphatic drainage techniques.
  • Exercise Science – Candidates can become physical trainers, coaches, and even sports teachers to involve patients in more sporting activities and fitness exercises.
  • Nutrition & Fitness – Students taking up this specialization will learn to prevent any allergies in patients. Plus, they will combine vitamins, healthy supplements, and few sporting activities with helping patients achieve a healthy body and mind.

DIGGING DEEPER: What Can You Do With A Kinesiology Degree?

1. With A Kinesiology Degree; Candidates Can Take Up The Position Of Exercise Physiologists Or Occupational Therapists.

Respective students aiming for these career choices will need to have sound knowledge about human anatomy, exercise prescriptions, and possess real-time lab expertise.

  • Exercise science job roles require candidates to at least have a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.
  • But to become an occupational therapist, students will need a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and a legitimate license for practicing.

2. Students With A Kinesiology Graduate Degree Can Also Take Up The Role Of Athletic Instructors Or Fitness Trainer

And to be successful in either of these job roles, they will require in-depth knowledge on the following –

  • Resistance training
  • Performance of the human body
  • Knowhow on youth fitness
  • As well as biochemistry

To become an athletic instructor, aspiring candidates need to possess a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at a minimum. However, to become a fitness instructor, an associate degree would be enough for students to attain a job role.

3. These Kinesiology degree holders can also take up other positions like Sports Managers, Scouts, and Coaches

And to be successful in these job roles, students must have relevant knowhow on the following –

  • Conducting fitness assessments
  • Injury prevention
  • Monitoring human body performance daily
  • Weight training as per the patient’s condition
  • Organizing outdoor leisure pursuits
  • And taking care of athletic injuries whenever they occur.

After becoming a coach or sports manager, individuals can further hone their skills by earning a Master’s degree in Kinesiology.

A Look into Some High-Salary Jobs for Kinesiology Degree Holders

  • Athletic Trainer – Median Salary per year is $ 40,000$44,000. Job growth expectation for 2020-2028 is 18%
  • Massage Therapist – Median Salary per year is $38,900$45,500. Job growth expectation for 2020-2028 is 10%
  • Chiropractor – Median Salary per year is $48,900$58,500. Job growth expectation for 2020-2028 is 20%
  • Physical Therapist – Median Salary per year is $63,000$70,800. Job growth expectation for 2020-2028 is 14%
  • Occupational Therapist – Median Salary per year is $72,000$80,000. Job growth expectation for 2020-2028 is 18%
  • Recreational Therapist – Median Salary per year is $42,000$45,500. Job growth expectation for 2020-2028 is 11%

What’s a regular life for a Kinesiology Professional?

Now that you have a clear picture of “what you can do with a kinesiology degree?” You also know its high salary career paths; it’s time to discuss what a regular day in a kinesiologist life involves!

Kinesiology professional works in a variety of fields. It can be at their private clinics. With one-to-one team members, or even at a commercial set-up! These professionals employ stretching exercises, fitness workouts, and even weight exercises to help patients stay fit, get healthy, and avert any possible injuries.

Besides resorting to these training regimes, a kinesiologist also uses their soft skills (such as coaching and leadership acumen) to develop relationships with their patients. They combine fitness training with art therapy sessions (involving music, dancing, and coloring), recreational therapy, and other therapeutic activities.

They use different therapy combinations to heal other patients. Plus, the emotional connection of trust that they create with each of their patients also contributes to the healing process.

Online Kinesiology Degrees Available For Bachelors

Although online kinesiology degrees for undergraduate students are less, there are options for bachelor degree holders looking to polish their skills via a Master’s degree. Students will find course specialization in community wellness and health, sports administration, and physical education.

These online Kinesiology Master’s programs are an excellent career option for graduates who have already started functioning as professional kinesiologists. These online programs offer them the flexibility to study and work as per their convenience for further improvement.

Alternatively, graduate students can also take up Kinesiology internships to enhance their knowledge base. Most top-level universities provide quality internship programs that help graduates find job roles in wellness and health companies, schools, and even hospitals. After recruitment, students get a first-hand experience on their responsibilities, which will help them progress more in the field quickly.

What Can You Do With A Kinesiology Degree? YOU CAN SERVE MANKIND IN PLENTY OF WAYS!

Indeed, with the help of a kinesiology degree, you can work with different people, connect with them on an emotional level and help them get more physically active. Being a kinesiologist will give you an inner sense of peace and fulfillment, which is very rare in today’s professional field!

So, if you believe deep down that you have what it takes to help people heal and make them happy, then you should take the career path of a kinesiologist! There are numerous colleges offering quality and accredited kinesiology degree courses. Start sorting your appropriate college and enroll whenever you see fit.

Hopefully, this post was useful to you. And for more such posts, keep visiting this page.

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