Understanding What is a Good SAT Score! – A Brief Insight!

SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test hails as the standard test applicable for most college admissions within the US. It began from the year 1926, and the exam was all about testing a student’s writing, critical reading, and mathematics skills. The most common question in the student’s mind is “What is a Good SAT Score?”

SAT Exam Pattern

Moreover, SAT features multiple-choice scores paper-and-pencil tests. The College Board admin usually conducts the test. And the SAT score reports usually prove to be the common data point for comparing all college application(s).

However, SAT subject tests aren’t easy. Rather, it is a daunting and a 3-hour lengthy test which doesn’t even include breaks. The evidence-based reading section it lasts for a good 65-mins and often requires you to be totally concentrated to crack it.

So, it is safe to say that aspiring SAT test takers have their work cut out for them. But, with proper practice, good study resources, and working with heaps of mock test papers, you can sharpen your skills, build confidence and achieve a good score.

Previously successful test-takers say – the perfect SAT score is 1600. Also, the minimum SAT score is 400. 

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In addition – A year that saw the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, there were also several cancellations of SAT tests.

Henceforth, determining exactly what the perfect total score is difficult. As thousands of students were not able to appear for the test date, the sat score ranges were somewhat different to that of last year. In fact, the average SAT score was 1051 for 2020 (which is 8 points lesser of 2019).

So, what is a good SAT score for students? It is an interesting question, but which unfortunately doesn’t have a proper answer. 

However, here in this post, we will try and explain facts about a good SAT score, its different percentiles, and other factors colleges consider prior to giving admission. 

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DIGGING DEEPER – What Is A Good SAT Score for You? 

So, What Is A Good SAT Score To Aim For?

The truth is, there is no proper definition of a good SAT score. It mainly depends on your goals and the college you want to enroll in. Different schools rely on different SAT section scores. Take the University of Chicago, for instance. They require their incoming freshmen to have higher scores of 1500 or more. 

Contrary to this, other educational institutions like the University of Oregon require their students to have SAT scores close to 1200 or above.

That said, the golden range of students wanting to know what is a good SAT score is 1500 or more. The reason being, these high scores will allow you to enter into any school/university in the country without much hesitation. 

So, if you aim to enroll into the topmost universities in the country like Stanford University, California, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and even Ivy League School, then a score of 1500 or higher is ideal! 


400-6201 –
1190- 128080-89

However, Just a High SAT score isn’t enough to Assure You a College Admission…!

As it so happens, most schools/universities look to weigh the student’s transcripts, admission essays, and letter of recommendation. Moreover, this will be applicable more this year since many colleges/universities are adopting optimal test admission protocols. 

Presumably, if a student fails or performs below-average on their SAT, then he/she may not be able to submit their overall scores. That is, at least in those highly notable colleges/universities. However, this rule is anything but rigid, and the acceptance rate depends on the college/university.

Ideally, if you achieve over the 50th percentile, which is (1010-1050), then you might have a leg up. But, this also means that you will have to compete against those who won’t submit their scores at all. 
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However, it is not right on the part of students to expect certain schools to drop their standards in absence of SAT or other standard exam scores. And to compensate for this, these schools/colleges will check other aspects of their application such as their transcripts, rigor of curriculum, and other aspects to determine students’ worth.

Realistic Approach for SAT preparation

The most important thing when trying to determine what is a good SAT score is having realistic expectations. Studying properly and working with quality resources and mock papers is the best way to improve your baseline score.

Usually, a 3-month prep period is sufficient to improve your initial SAT score. There are lots of test prep books and full-length practice papers to work with every day. Also, if the need arises, your students can also take up specialized SAT prep classes from top online educational platforms to get a more concise, clear, and depth of learning.

The tutors will work with students to help them diagnose their mistakes in answering questions and further improving their solving proficiency and time.

If you’re looking to kick start your SAT preparation, the smart choice would be to keep a realistic SAT score of, say, 1050- 1110. 

Work on your weaknesses, improve your accuracy and saving time and look to attempt all questions confidently. Also, work with practise papers regularly to get a clear idea of what to expect in the real test. Doing so will eventually push your SAT scores between 1200 – 1500, which, in truth, is not a bad score at all!

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To Sum Up – 

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