Searching Wildlife Biology Colleges for a bright career~ Look TOP 10 LIST

If you aim for a degree in wildlife biology, there is a wide variety of degrees to achieve. Read more about the best wildlife biology colleges worldwide to know about wildlife inhabitants and their habit.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 5% growth in the demand for wildlife biologists. Due to this, many rewarding careers will be available to wildlife biologist students. 

Careers regarding Wildlife Biology Degree  

A few of them include – 

  • Conservation ecologists
  • Wildlife biologists 
  • Research biologists 
  • Conservation geneticists 
  • GIS- Geographic Information System Specialists 
  • Research assistants 

and so on!

In addition to that, many zoos, national parks, and wildlife reserves seek specialists to study aquatic species and other terrestrials. A wildlife biologist acts as the interface between natural living organisms, their habitat, and the human populace. And understanding this, they seek wildlife biology degree holders possessing both good communication and management skills.

So, it is safe to say that Wildlife biology offers a vast scope of knowledge in various subject specializations. And if you wish to walk down this career path, then procuring its necessary educational qualification, course degree, and certification from a notable college; is mandatory.

Here’s a list of top 10 Wildlife biology colleges for you to admit into for your assistance. Take note that this list compiles from various study surveys, editorial reviews, govt sources, and even ex-graduate reviews.

So, follow closely!

10 Best Colleges Offering Wildlife Biology Degree Programs

          1. University Of Vermont

The University of Vermont offers students ecology-orient course curriculums that teach them to balance out populations. Students can opt between wildlife biology or fishery conservation. 

Other learning courses available here include – environmental restoration, environmental conflict resolution, and community engagement.

For more info, feel free to visit its official website without hesitation!

          2. Brigham Young University

Rating as among the best public universities around Brigham Young University offers wildlife and conservation program. Considering its previous and on-going reputation, its quality course curriculum ranks as among the very best!

Its primary coursework will require students to work with essential subjects like – Chemistry, Biology, and Physics! Besides these, it also offers other course specializations in – wildlife law, conflict resolution, wildlife restoration, GIS, and Rangeland Biodiversity and management.

So among the best wildlife biology colleges offering top course programs, this is undoubtedly one name worth considering. However, if you seek more information about the University or its course programs, visit its official website unhesitantly.

          3. Lees McRae College, Banner ELK, NC

This notable college offers course curriculums in Veterinary Science and Wildlife Conservation. The college is affiliated with Elk Valley Preserve and Field Station, where students gather know-how on – wildlife care and the study of aquatic species, vertebrae, and invertebrate terrestrials.

Besides, students also get the scope to participate in its on-going research projects and hone their skills and knowledge.

Visit its official website for more information.

          4. Suny College Of Environmental Science And Forestry

The Suny College of Environmental Science and Forestry also includes among the top wildlife biology colleges in the US. This college was also ranked as the 2nd best green college in the States.

Digging deeper, this unique course degree in wildlife focusing mainly on applied Ecology! It also provides specialization courses in taxonomic groups of both plants and animals. It also offers comprehensive courses on – ecological monitoring, biodiversity, scientific communication, and GIS – Geographical Information System.

This College of Environmental Science and Forestry affiliates with the Syracuse University! And it lets students become a part of notable field stations like Heiberg Forest, Adirondacks Ecological Centre, and Cranberry Lake Biological Station.

          5. University Of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota adopts an integrative approach to teaching students with knowledge about wildlife and fisheries. It presents a specialization in – Wildlife Biology, Conservation Biology, and Fishery Management.

Other course curriculums comprise study in – Population Biology, Wildlife Population Management, and techniques to safeguard and preserve natural habitats. 

What’s more, its students get the scope to study at facilities like – greenhouses, molecular biology facilities, animal rooms, and tissue culture rooms.

However, for more information, feel free to pay a visit to its official site.

          6. Texas State University

Texas State University offers a course degree in Wildlife Biology and Management. It aptly prepares students to be eligible for roles like – museum curators, researchers, and teachers.

Its in-depth course curriculum features all essential Animal and Plant Science discipline and other vital aspects like recreational management, wildlife management, and conservation.

In addition to these, the University also comprises a Student Chapter of Wildlife Society, which welcomes undergraduate field students. Plus, it offers other facilities like – Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center and The Meadows Centre for Water and Environment (Spring Lake).

However, if you seek more details on its course programs, visit its official website whenever you see fit.

          7. Frostburg State University

The Frostburg State University provides a 4-year course program in Wildlife biology. It mainly offers to specialize in wildlife research and conservation, fisheries management, and game management. Besides, this state university offers internships in wildlife parks, state services, and minors in the sustainability of natural resources, animal behavior, geography, and Ethnobotany. 

Respective students can gather theoretical know-how and practical field experience from the local fish museum. Plus, they also get several lab classes/sessions on microbiology and genetics, which these pupils can use for their studies and research work.

However, for more details, visit its official website.

           8. Colorado State University

The Colorado State University offers several curriculum concentrations in – Wildlife Biology, Fisheries, Aquatic Science, and Conservation Biology. In addition to this, its respective students also gain knowledge and ways to gather data on – the behavior of aquatic species, genetics, distribution, terrestrials, and wildlife physiology.

Moreover, this notable Fort Collins University also presents students with an opportunity to study at the Larval Fish laboratory.

Visit the site if you want more information about the University or course programs.

          9. University of Wyoming, Laramie WY

Its Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management courses focus on fishery and wildlife resource management. Besides, it also deals with the study of ecology and evolution. 

Its rich and interactive course program combines all crucial basic subject knowledge. They are – Genetics, Chemistry, General Biology, and Physics. Plus, it offers students optional specialization in wildlife law, science journalism, renewable resources, and management.

Labeling as among the best wildlife biology colleges in the US, its degree is fully compatible with the requirements of the American Fisheries Society and the American Wildlife Society. 

What’s more, the two facilities which students will get as a part of their degree is to be a part of the Jenkins Microscopy facility and the University of Wyoming National Park research center.

 Feel free to visit its official website if you seek more information.

         10. Kansas State University Fisheries, Manhattan, KS 

It offers both bachelor’s degree programs like BA/BS in Wildlife and Conservation. Besides focusing on Fisheries Ecology, Science of Wildlife, and Conservation, the college also requires students to do coursework on – Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry!

Its course program offers specialization in the study of Ichthyology, Fish Ecology, and management and other fields like Mammalogy, Ornithology, and Plant Biology. Each of these courses will feature complimentary lab classes to help students hone their practice skills.

 However, for more details on its course programs, visit its official website.


Now that you have a clear idea of the top wildlife biology colleges, make sure to pick one close to your location, field-researching opportunities, and the field of study, you want to go with.

Taking up this field of study will require you to prepare hard not just for its in-depth theoretical concepts but also expand your learning through wildlife biology majors, associated field courses, and even internships. 

However, this profession is known to be rewarding both in terms of its median annual salary and the emotional satisfaction it provides. And in the end, that makes it all the more worth your time, dedication, and effort.