Top 10 Career Opportunities with a Zoology Degree

SIMPLY PUT – Zoology degree refers to the study of animal behavior and their interactions with their natural habitat. Avid zoologist studies a specific species or a group of animals be in captivity or the wild.

If you are a bachelor of science with a zoology degree, below explains the top 10 career paths.

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10 Promising Careers in 2020 for Students with a Zoology Degree

Students with a zoology degree need sound knowledge in general biology, marine biology, biology ecology, biology chemistry, animal sciences, animal biology, and natural environments.

These zoology graduates have exceptional research abilities and evaluate data collection, writing, and oral communications, project management, and teamwork with good skills. With all its more profound understanding and practical experience, they quickly become eligible for a wide range of job roles.

Here’s Looking Into 10-Best Career Paths for this degree programs

1. Park Naturalist

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Park Naturalist

Their Roles A park naturalist helps the public enjoy the world’s natural parks and recreational sites. They even impart knowledge to the general public about the environment surrounding and its existing plants and animals.

In addition to that, a park naturalist also educates people on how to enjoy nature and secondly how to safeguard it firstly. But the park guards do more than help visitors appreciate the wild; they also teach others how to preserve wildlife parks and value the amazing biodiversity of the world.

Their Median Annual Salary – According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a park naturalist earns $65,090 – $68,490. So, this is another right choice of career zoology degree holders can go for.

2. Zoo Curators

Zoo Degree
Zoo Curators

Their Roles – Zoo curators are also known as animal overseers or keepers. They look after each animal species, feed them, clean them, and even interact with them regularly.

However, in truth, a zoo curator works under the instruction of a veterinarian planning their diets, recognizing their illness, administering medications, and so on.

They find employment at zoos and animal parks responsible for all present animal’s welfare.

Their Median Annual Salary – A zoo curator earns around $48,500 – $56,880. So, this makes it another top career option for zoology degree holders.

3. Veterinarians


Their Roles – A veterinarian’s role involves looking after animal’s health, diagnosing, curing, and even analyzing their condition and possible diseases. They must know animal behavior well.

Their role is similar to a medical doctor who looks after the health of humans. A veterinarian gets employment at private clinics and hospitals.

Their Median Annual Salary – According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a veterinarian earns $85,290 – $ 88,490.
So, this makes it one of the most lucrative jobs for zoology degree holders.

4. Aquarist

Their Roles – For zoology degree holders who fascinate aquatic life can opt for an aquarist’s role by specializing in marine science. Their key roles involve looking after fishes and other animal inhabitants in aquariums.

Besides, they have to feed these marine creatures, monitor their habitats, interact with them, and even entertain them. Plus, they also deliver educational presentations of these unique creatures to visitors.

An aquarist gets employment at aquariums or aquatic section of zoos.

Their Median Annual Salary – According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an aquarist earns $35,000 – $ 38,290.

5. Ecologists


Their Roles – An ecologist studies how the surrounding environment impacts all flora and fauna. Also, they carefully analyze their relationship with one another and do everything in their power to preserve that natural order.

An ecologist operates at environmental organizations, museums, zoos, government organizations, and aquariums.

Their Median Annual Salary – According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an ecologist earns $55,000 – $ 58,290.

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6. Ichthyologists

Their Roles – An Ichthyologist is a zoologist/biologist who deals with different fish, rays, or sharks.

Digging deeper, their role involves –

  • Monitoring water quality
  • Identifying the fish species
  • Observing their behavior
  • And accumulating data for writing and publishing scientific journals

Ideally, an Ichthyologist works in domestic and international locations to extract different fish species in rivers, lakes, and oceans! Also, they need to possess underwater diving skills.

Besides that, an Ichthyologist may also get employment at colleges, state universities, research facilities, zoos, aquariums, and conservational organizations.

Their Median Annual Salary – An Ichthyologist earns somewhere in-between $57,000 – $60,000.

7. Herpetologists

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Their Roles – A Herpetologist’s role is to study amphibians and reptiles like frogs, lizards, snakes, turtles, and iguanas. They carefully observe their behavior, development, psychologies, and genetics in their natural environment. This allows them to determine possible threats to them, diseases, pollution-problems, and so on.

In addition to that, a herpetologist conducts researches in which they estimate their population within a geographic locale. They also use their studies and discoveries to perform speeches at conferences or publish them for reference purposes.

Their Median Annual Salary – According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a microbiologist earns a median annual salary of $ 57,500 –$61,050.

The role of a herpetologist is never easy- especially considering what they have to deal with. However, zoology degree owners who have no problem handling amphibians and reptiles will find this line of work rather exciting.

8. Microbiologists

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Their Role – A microbiologist’s role is to study all species of bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, and even parasites.
In addition to this, a microbiologist strives to comprehend how these micro-organisms survive, thrive, and interact with their living environment. Typically students with a zoology degree will need specialization in microbiology.

A microbiologist will get employment in offices, laboratories to perform their experiments.

Their Median Annual Salary – According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a microbiologist earns a median annual salary of $67,500 –$71 250.

9. Wildlife Zoologist/Biologist

Their Role – Wild biologists/zoologists have to meet both lab and field responsibilities and increase scientific know-how on a specific or group of species. They study and conduct research projects on different wildlife characteristics, their role in their habitat, and how they interact with humans.

In addition to these, these skillful individuals also work to preserve their natural environment.

Their Median Annual Salary – A wildlife zoologist/biologist earns $59,680 – $65.890 depending on their job responsibilities and employment location.

So, this makes it a top career option for students with a zoology degree.

10. Marine Mammals Trainers

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Marine Mammals Trainers

Their Role – The role of a marine mammal’s trainer is to look after animals in marine reserves, game parks, zoos, and aquariums. They work intimately with sea lions, whales, dolphins, walruses, etc.

Besides, these individuals look after their diet, train them, and provide them with medical assistance whenever necessary. Plus, they also look after their natural environment.

Any student with a zoology major or bachelor’s degree will require a Master’s degree specializing in marine mammals.

Their Median Annual Salary – Marine mammal’s trainers earn a median annual salary of $42,000 –$47,890. But their actual pay-out depends on their place of employment and the amount of prior field experience they possess.


There you have it – the top 10 career options for zoology degree holders. However, the good news about each of them is that they offer lots of job growth and allows you to protect and preserve wildlife in its natural habitat.

So, what are you waiting for? Complete your zoology course degree and embark on any one of these lucrative career paths that suit you best.